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Covenant Marriages Ministry

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By: Bob and Lynne Christensen

Foreword by:

Pastor Rick Kingdom

Metro Denver Church On the Rock

“Arise, sine; for they light has come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.”

(Isaiah 60:1)


Copyright © 1992 by Covenant Marriages,

A Ministry of Victory Faith Fellowship

P.O. Box 28 A, Station 16, Lakewood, CO 80228

All rights reserved under International Copyright Law.

Published in the United States of America by Victory Faith Fellowship, Inc.

Contents may not be reproduced in whole or in part in any form without the express written consent of the Publisher.

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations in this book are from the King James Version or the New International Version of the Bible, Copyright 1984, International Bible Society. Used by permission.


We are indebted to Reverend Dorothy Kirchner Gillespie who planted the seed and then was faithful to water in with prayer for thirty-five years.

We are also indebted to Joan Johnson who first forgave her dad and then witnessed to him in her Christ-like walk, and who never stopped praying for him.

We are indebted to our friends, Reverend Dale and Paula Black, who answered God’s call to lead Bob to the Lord, and then gave him a vision for standing for marriage healing.

We love and thank our dear friends and fellow pastors, Henry and Grace Falany, of Siierra Faith Center, of Mariposa, California, for their faithful service on the board of Victory Faith Fellowship, Inc., and for always being there to support, counsel, and to love us.

We thank Pastors Rick and Tracey Kingham of Metro Denver Church On The Rock, not only for being on the board of Victory Faith Fellowship, Inc., but for being our Pastors and our friends.

We thank Dr. Gene Steiner for his assistance with the editing of this book, for being an important part of the staff of Victory Faith Fellowship, and also for his talented production and direction of the weekly television series.

“Back Together Again.” We appreciate his help with the quarterly Covenant Marriages Report.

Reverend Linda H., an anointed prayer minister on the staff of Victory Faith Fellowship has been such a blessing to us personally, as well as to the thousands she ministers to over the phone lines from around our world. We are thrilled to see how God is using her during her stand for her own marriage restoration. We pray God’s richest blessings on Linda and her Family.

And last, but by no means least, we are indebted to all of you who have committed yourselves to stand for your marriages in His love and in His joy, never least, we are indebted to all of you who have committed yourselves to stand for your marriages in His love and in his joy, never letting defeat reign in your hearts. You have been an inspiration to the two of us and have given us strength when we might otherwise have grown weary.

Most of all we acknowledge the work of the Holy Spirit in leading us and showing us that God is raising a mighty army in our nation and our world to stand for godly marriages. He says to us in Jeremiah, “I will give you one heart and one way, that you may fear Me forever, for your good and the good of your children after you.” (Paraphrased)








The Dream Of Lynne Dying…Looking For Water

The Day Lynne Left Bob

Bob’s Meeting With Dale Black Concerning Flying Lessons

Bob Sees The Shekinah Glory Of God

Bob Prays For A Place To Live And A Car…God Answers Prayer

The License Plate Messages

Bob Needs Places To Live In Temple City…God Provides Again

God Provides Work For Bob

The Expect A Miracle Key Chain

The Landing Of The Jet Aircraft

Bob Meets Gavin And Patti MacLeod

Bob’s Back Is Healed By God’s Power

The Restoration Of Our Marriage

The Healing Of The Man Who Gad Cancer And AIDS

Lynne’s Car Runs Out Of Gas

Bob And Lynne See An Angel On The Freeway

The Car Window Incident

The Alien’s Death

Lynn’s Attorney

The Judge’s Retirement

Healing Of Warts

The Light Bulb Explosion

The Prophecy Through Pastor David Duell

The Healing Of Else’s Back

The Rainbow

The Prophecy To Bob Through A Yound Lady

The Prophecy Through Henry And Grace Falany

Our Call Into The Ministry

The Attack On Bob’s Life

Bob’s Dream Of The Enemy’s Defeat

The Healing Of The Paraplegic

TMJ Implants, Inc.

The New Ministry And Company Office

A Teenage Boy Is Healed

Intercessory Prayer And Prophecies

Joan’s Word Form The Lord For Bob

Gene Joins The Ministry

Andy’s Trip To Washington

A Twelve Year Old Is Healed Of Cancer

The Word Of Knowledge Concerning Book Publishing

Our Ordination By Pastor Rick Kingham And The Elders

The Presence Of Angles

God’s Protection Over Us On The Highways


Post Script

The Objectives of Covenant Marriages Ministry

The Crisis Prayer Center


Books Available Through Victory Faith Fellowship



Pastor Rick Kingham

When I first was given the manuscript for this new book, I sensed the excitement with which Bob and Lynne shared the many miracles that God has performed in their lives.

Within these next pages you will hear of great things that may appear to be as mountainous as the circumstances you are facing right now. Hopefully faith will rise up in you to receive miracle changes also!

What Bob and Lynne could not share with you, I feel I must. As their Pastor and friend, I want to tell you the greatest miracle I see that has happened in their life. On the occasion of our first meeting, I was struck by the sincerity that they shared openly to others who are hurting. This same attitude is shared across this nation through their television program “Back Together Again,” now seen by thousands weekly.

After reading this book, you, too will understand how God has miraculously worked in their lives to form the nature and character of Christ in them so beautifully. It is my privilege to minister to them, and with them, in this work of redemption and restoration.

My prayer and theirs is that John 2:23 will be repeated over and again as people read this wonderful book; “Many believed in His Name, when they saw the miracles which He did.”

Amen! So be it!


Miracles Along The Way


Pastors Bob and Lynne Christensen

What is a miracle? The dictionary defines it as “a divine act, a supernatural happening, a marvel, a sign, a wonder.”

The Lord impressed upon us to document some of the miraculous happenings we have seen or have received along the way during our separation, our divorce, and the healing of our marriage. This is a book that stands as a testimony to God’s miracle-working power in our lives.

The Bible tells us in Revelation 12:11: “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of their testimony.”

It is by the Word of God building our faith that God’s saints have testimonies which will allow others to receive hope to overcome the enemy. We read in Malachi 3:16, “Then they that feared the Lord spoke often one to another; and the Lord hearkened and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for them a that feared the Lord, and though upon His Name.“

We believe we are to write this book of remembrance to not only remind ourselves of the marvelous works of God which have been much a part of our lives, but also to give encouragement and hope particularly to those wishing to stand for the healing of their own marriages. Many times those who have found their lives shattered by separation or divorce need to know there is some hope. Our hope is in almighty God. Maybe divorce isn’t the problem in your life, perhaps it’s illness, or even loneliness or despair. Perhaps it’s a wayward mate or child. Whatever the problem, our God is able! Jeremiah 32:27 says: “Behold I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is there anything too hard for me?”

A few years ago after an eleven year marriage, we found our marriage and family shattered by an impending divorce. It wasn’t that we had an awful marriage. To the contrary, it appeared we had a good marriage. Though on the outside it looked great, inside, cracks were forming which in time caused Lynne to seek a different life, believing that divorce would be the answer. The lesson we learned was that Divorce is not the answer-Jesus is!

The Lord got my attention during those first few months of separation and turned my heart toward Him. God knew I enjoyed flying my own airplane and God enticed me to learn to fly a jet airplane where I would meet a former TWA captain who would not only teach me to fly the jet, but more importantly, would lead me to the Lord.

On October 25, 1983, at 8:30 p.m. in Garden Grove, California, I acknowledged Jesus as my Lord and Saviour before Captain Dale and Paula Black. That was the beginning of my walk with Jesus and the beginning of miracles.

As we tell of many isolated or sometimes related instances of supernatural events which happened in our life, we pray that you will receive hope for whatever your need may be. Our God is able to bring you through whatever problem or difficulty you are facing. We acknowledge right up front that all of the things mentioned in this book are not necessarily miracles of God in the strictest theological sense, but many are. Some oft e things included have been attacks of the enemy, but the answer is seen in God’s love and care for each of his children. We believe that at other times, God’s angels were the ones who kept us from injury. Whatever the cause and effect, we understand the promise in the Bible: “No weapon formed against us will prosper.”

In order to see your life filled with His miracles, you must, as Dale Black once told me, “start with Jesus.” Along with that revelation, you must know that there are one of two spheres in which you can function. We can belong to and function in Go’s Kingdom, or we can function only in the world which is controlled by satan and his demonic spirits. We each have a choice to make.

Many people feel they are in God’s Kingdome because they attend church on Sundays or because they have embraced some Christian religion. It isn’t “religion” which changes lives…it’s the commitment of a life lived for Jesus and filled with His holy spirit. There are so few who truly believe and who truly witness the transformation only He can make in their lives. If the Holy Bible is the Word of God and if it is the truth and if it is inspired by the Holy Spirit, then it is imperative that we believe and do what it says. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life,” and “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.”

In Romans 10:9, Paul tells us how we might be saved: “That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God had raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.” So, if you have made Jesus you Lord and if you are standing in faith for your marriage, or your healing, or your finances, then expect miracles. Our God is a miracle-working God!

As you read through the following pages, realize that some of these chapters are written by Bob and others by Lynne. These things happened in the lives of two ordinary people who God wished to use to accomplish His purposes. Both of us chose to be disciples of Jesus Christ, and we both have absolute faith in God and His written Word.

We believe as you continue to read this book it will give you hope for the life that God has given to you. Look on your trip through the years as a journey with Jesus at your side. When those difficult, and sometimes impossible-appearing moments occur, realize only you with God can make it through.

“God will never leave your nor forsake you.” He means for you to win. But the walk is yours. What you decide to do with your life is your life is your choice. He will let you make the decision whether you want a life full of His blessing s and miracles or a ho hum life lived without His presence.

“Choose you this day whom you will serve; whether gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood….but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

There is an old hymn, Trust And Obey which goes like this:

“Trust and obey

For there’s no other way

To be happy in Jesus

But to trust and obey.”

If we follow the words of this chorus, we will surely see success, prosperity, and happiness in our lives.

Miracles Along The Way

The Dream Of Lynne Dying…Looking For Water

We were living in a small town in northern California, where I was in practice as an oral-maxillofacial surgeon. It was in October of 1982, just six months before Lynne was to walk out of our marriage seeking divorce.

One evening I had a most vivid dream, just before waking, of Lynne dying. I saw myself carrying her around like a large piece of crackling about five foot six inches long and two inches thick. I knew in the dream I must find water to revive her. I sought water from homes, businesses, and from and from people, but no one would give me any. Without the water, I knew Lynne would die. I told the dream to Lynne as well as to my daughter Joan who was living in another state. Joan had explained the dream to her brother Peter, a Catholic priest.

About one year later, Peter commented to Joan that the dream reminded him of the story in John 4:13-14 of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. By the time Joan told me what Peter said about this parable of Jesus’s, a whole year had passed since I had the dream.

The miracle is that Peter’s comments came to me six months after Lynne had walked out of my life seeking a divorce. At this time I had been born again for just one month. As I read that account of the parable in John 4, I knew right away that Peter was right. The water I needed to revive Lynne was truly the “living water” or the Holy Spirit. There was nothing else that man could do to give Lynne new life. Only God’s Spirit could revive her and our marriage, even though at the moment of the dream in 1982, it didn’t appear the marriage needed to be revived. God was giving me a word of knowledge about problems yet to arise in my life.

I rejoiced when I heard about and read the parable and compared it to the vivid dram I had. It was obvious to me that I had received a vision for Lynne’s spiritual healing when God gave me the dream. This gave me confidence to stand not only for my marriage, but more importantly for her salvation. This was just one small miracle God performed to give me a glimpse of our family’s future.

The Day Lynne Left Bob

When I decided to leave home, I selected a time when Bob was confined to a hospital bed in San Diego, six hundred miles from our home. We had traveled down in our own plane for Bob’s mother’s funeral. Bob’s back had gone into spasms and we placed him in a hospital for needed rest.

Bob asked a friend of his to fly me home in his own plane. Two days later Bob asked this same friend to fly him home as well. Without Bob’s knowledge, I had asked the same friend to fly our two boys and myself back to southern California. Just before we were to depart, we stopped in a restaurant for lunch.

Just then another friend (Dorothy, who was a long-time acquaintance of Bob’s) came into that same restaurant and overheard enough of our conversation to know that I was leaving our home and marriage. She was a devout Christian who had been praying for Bob’s conversion for thirty-five years. She was heading for home about forty miles away when the Lord impressed her to go to that particular restaurant. It was truly a miracle of the Lord that she arrived at that very moment so as to receive first-hand information regarding the state of our marriage. She hurried home and began to pray for our marriage to be restored and for each of us individually to be saved.

As a follow up note, nearly three years late while Dorothy was watching a television program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network she saw both Bob and I being interviewed as we related our experience of being born again and Spirit-filled, and then remarried. She broke down and wept for joy. You see she now saw that her prayers had been answered after praying nearly thirty-five years for Bob’s conversion. She saw, too, that not only was our marriage being totally restored, but that we were now fully walking with the Lord! What a day of God’s glory in her life…and in ours.

Bob’s meeting With Dale Black Concerning Flying Lessons

When Lynne left me and our new home in northern California, taking our two sons with her, I was at a loss. At this moment in May, 1983, I decided to pick up my multiengine flight ticket. While doing that, however, I kept hearing that I was to learn to fly a jet airplane. At the time I wasn’t sure why that thought kept coming to me.

Lynne and I were to soon lose every material possession we had. You see, I made the decision to leave my oral surgery practice to move six hundred miles farther south so that I could be closer to where Lynne had taken up residence with our two sons. Included in the material things I had to give up in the impending bankruptcy and divorce was a pressurized Cessna P-210 airplane.

As I moved to southern California, I kept hearing I was to learn to fly a jet airplane. As I searched to find where to go for that type of training, I was directed to a young ex TWA Captain, Dale Black, who had a flight school for jet training. I spoke with Dale and found out about the necessary training and its cost. Within a few weeks I had enrolled in the course along with several other pilots. The money had come to me from fees collected from prior surgery patients.

Dale led me to the Lord, and he and Paula Black gave me hope for the healing of my marriage to Lynne. That evening they gave me a black Living Bible with our names “Bob & Lynne Christensen” embossed on the front. Inside they wrote, “Presented to Robert Christensen and Lynne Christensen by Dale and Paula Black on October 25, 1983, in faith, believing for your family’s unity.” You see, Dale had just received a healing of his marriage to Paula the year before.

When I asked Dale if he really felt my family could be reunited, he said, “Oh yes! If you will be obedient to God.” I knew that evening’s meeting had been orchestrated by the Lord. God had drawn me six hundred miles to meet Dale and Paula so I could come to know Jesus and would get a glimpse of God’s plan for my life. This plan of God’s had been present probably since the beginning of time. He had been beckoning me into His Kingdom for decades. He wanted our marriage healed so we could be witnesses to God’s power in our lives and in the world. You may think some circumstances are too much for God to overcome, but that’s not true. The Word tells us in Jeremiah 32:27: “Nothing is impossible with God.” The Word also tells us “to bring every thought into the obedience of the Word.”

Who will you believe? The circumstances? Or God, the Creator of heaven and earth? I had seen one of those interesting license plate messages the evening I was born again. It said UZMEGOD. And that was my wish from then on.

Bob Sees The Shekinah Glory Of God

It was about five months after my rebirth that a very special thing happened. The divorce was proceeding with all of the nastiness some attorneys like to create. It appeared form the dialogue that no love ever could have been present in our marriage.

Lynne’s life seemed to be going the direction she desired and I was still trying to find stable employment in what appeared to be a foreign land. The children were doing well living with Lynne, but there was confusion and rebellion beginning to surface in their lives. As far as I was concerned, the situation appeared bleak. I was “born again” and I was standing for the healing of our marriage, but everything seemed to be heading into a bottomless pit.

Early one Tuesday morning at 2:30 a.m. just before Good Friday in 1984, I was awakened from my sleep. All of a sudden a large, white cloud appeared in my bedroom. It was approximately four to five feet across and beautifully white. This radiant cloud overlapped part of one window and a wall. In its center was a coffee can-sized red area that had a slightly bluish tint. Its surface was covered with small wave-like projections much like that seen on the frosting of a cake or on a painted wall. I attempted to raise myself from the bed, but found I was pinned to the bed by a strong force which seemed to be applied to my chest and shoulders. Three times I attempted to raise up, but the force kept me immovable. The experience was not frightening to me, just overpowering both naturally and spiritually. There was no spoken word nor was there any sense of time passing. Later as I reflected on what I experienced, it occurred to me that it might have taken only tem seconds-maybe a little longer, but it was so beautiful while it lasted, When the loud disappeared from my room, I was able to raise myself from bed. I felt I was to write a letter to Lynne. Then I sat down and wrote Lynne of my hope that she and the children would have a blessed Ester.

I went to Mass every morning. After Mass one day, I spoke to a young lady sitting across the aisle from me. I had seen her there several times before, but had not yet spoken to her. As I told her about what I had seen, she listened and said, “That was a vision.” A few days later a Catholic nun said she felt that the red area was the “sacred heart of Jesus.” I believe both of these statements are true. Two days late I had gone to a religious bookstore to pick up a plaque I had seen there which stated Joshua’s words to his troops:

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

At that same moment my eyes caught another beautiful photograph which showed a sunrise forming over an edge of a mountain by a sea shore. The words written below it said:

“Arise, shine, for thy light is come, and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” Isaiah 60:1

I instantly knew that Word was for me. I knew God had shown His light upon my life and that God would accomplish His purposes through me. That brought forth a strong desire and commitment to do only what God wanted in my life from that time on. Since the evening of my being born again, I had asked God to do what the license plate had said: UZMEGOD.

It would be several years later after Lynne and I were reunited that, one evening, while Lynne was reading a chapter in Jack Hayford’s book “Church On The Way, “ Pastor Jack related his two times of seeing the Shekinah Glory fo God appear as the beautiful white cloud. When Pastor Jack sought God on whether God bestowed His glory on man he found the passage in Isaiah 60:1: “Arise, shine for your light has come and the Glory of the Lord has risen upon thee.” When Lynne read me that statement from Pastor Jack’s book, I let out a victory shout _ Hallelujah!

That miracle was a real turning point in my life. Never again would I be the same after that. It was an experience much like the one the apostle Paul had on the road to Damascus. It was simply a wonderful indication to me that God is sovereign, he knew where I was, and He desired to accomplish His purposes through me. In fact, both Lynne and I were blessed and tankful for God’s intervention at that time in my life. I also believe that was my Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

The Word says that God will use the foolish things to confound the wise. In many ways our lives appeared foolish to others, but when one’s heart seeks Jesus, then God can and will use that person for His purposes.

Bob Prays For A Place To Live And A Car…God Answers Prayer

During the time of separation and impending divorce, I had moved to southern California to be closer to Lynne and the boys. All my income and eventually all our material possessions were lost. At one point a delightful Lutheran pastor in San Pedro provided a room in which I could stay temporarily. Obviously I was very thankful for the Pastor and his family’s kindness in opening up their home for me to reside in for about a month.

It was some time later when I was without a car that I decided to pray for a VW Rabbit automobile. I had met a man named John in a restaurant in Glendale, California, and over the next two to three months we saw each other in the restaurant perhaps two or three times. At one point, I told John I was praying for a VW Rabbit. John then related to time that he owned a VW Rabbit and might want to sell it. You must realize that I had no earthly resources to buy a car, but a week later John gave his VW Rabbit to me. The car was in excellent condition and even had two diesel fuel tanks. What a blessing from the Lord!

Right away I felt I was to do what it says in Proverbs 3:3, “in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths;” so I put two-inch white letters across the back of this dark brown car which read: “JESUS LIVES-HE GAVE ME THIS CAR.” At that time it took courage for me to acknowledge the Source of the gift in that way, but since the Word said: “in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths,” then that’s exactly what I decided I would do. Many humorous occasions occurred because of that acknowledgement of Jesus on the back of my car.

The License Plate Messages

Actually during the time of our separation and divorce after begin born again, I was surprised how often personalized license plates held a message for me.

One of the first ones to catch my attention was the one which appeared in front of me on the northbound San Diego freeway the morning of October 26, 1983. I was on my way to my first meeting with Lynne and a friend of hers to discuss my signing over my interest in our 1976 Cessna P-210 airplane. The plane was worth a good deal of money and Lynne’s friend wanted to get me out of any ownership in it. There was excitement in my spirit about seeing Lynne because I had just received Jesus Christ as my Savior the night before. As I drove down the freeway toward El Monte and the restaurant where Lynne and I were to meet to discuss the plane, I saw the license plate GOD FRST. I knew it was telling me to always put God first in my life.

I drove up alongside that car and was able to convers in sign language with the man who was driving. I asked him to hold me in prayer at 9:00 a.m. when I would meet with Lynne at the restaurant. The driver indicated he would, then he signified for me to “Have faith” and I acknowledged by nodding that “I would.” That was my only encounter with that gentleman, but it blessed me that morning to have received a very special message from God through that encounter. From that moment on, personalized license plate messages were a frequent thing in my life. We mentioned the one I’d seen the evening before, just after being born again was UZMEGOD. I saw that same plate once again about one month later when, because of prayer, Lynne had gotten friendlier with me, and she visited the Blacks with me. It really blessed me to see UZMEGOD once again that evening. The messages from personalized license plates occurred quite regularly ever since the day of my conversion to Christ. They seemed to be God’s special messages to me. I usually wrote them down when I saw one, and I’d like to give you just a few that have caught my eye”

USMEGOD Oct. 25,1983 The day Bob was born again

GOD FRST Oct. 26,1983

MAILUVU Aug. 10, 1984

GO4BROK Aug. 14, 1984 The time Bob sought to have half time physical custody of our boys

BOB WNS Aug. 16, 1984 We voluntarily decided to share the children

1 GR DAD Aug . 24, 1984 When I was being made to feel like I was not a dad

SNOJOKE Aug. 28, 1984 The VW Rabbit car was given to me

HELIVES Aug. 30, 1984


GODTHE1 Oct. 7, 1984

THKSGOD Oct. 18, 1984

MASHOO Nov. 18,1984 The nickname we called our son Matthew

IMOKNOW Dec. 6, 1984



ANDE BOY Our son Andy


HI LYNNE Later after we were ordained and were walking out of the San Diego jail where we were ministering to an inmate. We stepped off the curb to cross the street when we saw this license plate

Bob Needs Places To Live In Temple City…God Provides Again

With the move I had made from northern California to the Los Angeles area, we had lost all of our worldly possessions. I was also having difficulty finding employment as an oral surgeon and consequently difficulty finding any affordable housing. I had first found shelter in that pastor’s basement and later was able to find a small home in Temple City, just three blocks from where the children and Lynne were living.

I lived in one rented house for six to eight months and then it was sold, which caused me to begin looking for another. The hoe was only one block from the children’s school and other rental homes were nearly impossible to locate. I often prayed for a house close to the school, to the church, and to Lynne.

One day I decided to look for homes to rent in the newspaper and all I found was a small home listed without any address. I called the owner but was told they wouldn’t need to interview any others since they already had three who they had approved. I went ahead and asked where the home was and I was amazed to find it was just behind the house where I was living. I explained to them how important it was for me to live close to my children. They agreed to let me come over and be interviewed by them. They listened to my story of how much I needed that home, which was well suited to meet my needs. They said they would inform me within three days of their decision. Well, Praise God, they accepted my application and that was the very home in which our family would be reunited almost one year late. When I thought about it, it truly was a miracle that they accepted my application to rent their home. It was next door to a school playing field where Andy, Matthew and I could practice baseball or football. Of course, the boys were so pleased their dad was able to stay so close and needless to say, I was truly blessed.

God Provides Work For Bob

After leaving my own surgery practice and our won medical building in the beautiful country area of Mendocio County in northern California, it was a real shock to return to the Pasadena area which was filled with smog and more people than available jobs.

I started working in one dental office in Pasadena that was a real mill. The day after I was born again, I walked into the office to be told I was fired. I’d just come from a meeting with Lynne in the restaurant where she wanted me to sign over my equity in the airplane. I had opened that meeting with the word that I was going to live my life by what it said in the Bible. Lynne thought that to be strange, but I truly meant it.

Sure enough, wouldn’t you know the devil would want to interfere with finances because that was one of the last things he could attack, so I was let go from my job. Any time you make a decision to serve God, you can expect the devil to immediately attack. In going God’s way, there is always a price to pay.

The situation in the natural realm was that I had been without work for two months and had little to live on and had been diligently searching for a job. Finally, I found an office which needed a dentist, so I applied. They had over sixty applicants for one position. I was certainly one of the oldest that had applied. There appeared to be little hope of securing a position, but several days later I was called and told I would be hired. I really praised God for that miracle and had much opportunity to witness in the dental practice of that Russian Jew. That witnessing would later cost me my job, but by then I found the Lord had a better plan for me. A the time that job meant an eighty mile round trip every day that made it difficult for me to make it to my children’s baseball practices, for which I had signed up as an assistant coach.

Later, after being fired from that office, I was hired t work just ten minutes form home and what a blessing that was. Thank you, God, for the way You provided through each of those jobs.

The Expect A Miracle Key Chain

Back in February, 1984, I found a key chain with a heart-shaped metal emblem that had a rainbow on it. The words across the front of the heart said, Expect A Miracle.

Whenever I went anywhere I took my keys on that key chain with me. When I went to work I used to lay the key chain on the desk with Expect A Miracle in full view. I was in need of many miracles in my life at that time. The divorce action was going forth in the Ukiah Courthouse and it seemed that I was losing in all areas. This experience taught me to trust God and only believe. I would not be moved by all the circumstances which were befalling me. I would only be moved by the vision of victory God had placed in my heart!

This particular day late in February, I looked down at the metal heart which I had placed on the des. All of the sudden the golden-edged red letters, Expect A Miracle, began to flash off and on in front of me. It was an awesome sight and though it only lasted a few seconds, I knew that the victory was mine. The miracle of the vision of the Shekinah Glory of God occurred the following month. It led me to always expect a miracle. Our God is a miracle working God. Miracles are a pleasure for the Lord to perform for His people. Thank God we don’t live for God’s miracles; we love Him for who He is, but we do appreciate the miracles He does perform in our lives.

The Landing Of The Jet Aircraft

This truly was a miracle from the Lord. God led me to learn to fly a Citation II jet aircraft. On one of my early flights as the pilot in command, I had taken off from the Long Beach Airport on a clear fall afternoon with Captain Dale Black of American Eagle Aviation as both my instructor and co-pilot.

At the time, I remembered that Lynne was employed in the alien’s flight school and airplane sales facility at El Monte Airport I was most anxious to land the shiny new Citation II jet aircraft at El Monte to not only see her, but possibly to see our sons Andrew and Matthew who would be bought there after school. Dale and I weren’t sure we would be permitted to land the larger and faster jet on the shorter runway which was designed for and used almost exclusively by private and small corporate aircraft. I asked Dale to call the airport tower on the radio to see if we might get permission to land. The voice spoke back from the El Monte tower over the loudspeaker in our plane, “Jet aircraft are not restricted, but the airport manager discourages them.”

Dale and I smiled at one another, but then a thought occurred to me, so I asked Dale, “Can we safely land on that short runway?” When Dale replied that it was safe to land there, I said, “Tell them we will be approaching from the south.” I had taken much of my earlier flight training at this airport in years past, and knew how really short the runway was. Dale called the tower and we received clearance for landing. A few minutes later we had landed and taxied up to the facility where Lynne was employed. It seemed many eyes watched as we parked hat beautiful jet aircraft. Lynne seemed surprised to see Dale and I stroll into her office. My friend the alien didn’t appear pleased with what he was seeing, though.

After a few moments Andy and Matt arrived from school, so I asked if they would like to fly around the pattern and come back to land. Matt wanted to go with us. What a joy it was to climb out of that airport with the altimeter rising over one thousand feet per minute. We knew we were being watched by Lynne and others. The take-off was smooth and we had ample distance before we would have collided with the fences and roadway at the far end of the field. On the earlier landing we recalled we had a safe distance before we would have struck the fence.

The next landing went well also, with the thrust reversers, the engine’s way of braking or slowing down the aircraft, deploying properly. As I increased the throttle the engines put out more reverse thrust and slowed the jet rapidly. After a few goodbyes, Dale and I took off and climbed out of El Monte Airport, heading back to Long Beach Airport. This had been a glorious afternoon thus far. I had enjoyed my time with Lynne and the boys and I was not caring whether the alien or the airport manager liked me or not. I was in heaven flying that jet.

As we approached the Long Beach Airport, we alerted the Long Beach Tower of our position and intentions. They gave us clearance to land on a particularly long runway-ten thousand feet long; this is actually over twice the length of the El Monte Airport’s runway. I made the final preparation for landing and brought the aircraft to touchdown and at the proper moment activated the lever for the thrust reversers and then increased the throttles.

Instead of the aircraft slowing down, it began to race toward the opposite end of the runway, the fences, and the roadway beyond it. It was a frightening experience. Realizing the thrust reversers failed to deploy, I made the instant decision to reduce the throttles totally and began to apply massive brake pressure. Fortunately, we stopped in time. My thoughts went back to the two prior landings at El Monte Airport on the much shorter runway. Had the thrust reversers not worked then, we would in all likelihood have been killed in the inevitable crash which would have occurred. Dale had never before seen the thrust reversers fail to deploy.

We both praised God for His mercy and for His watching over us all on those two prior landings at the El Monte Airport.

Bob Meets Gavin and Patti MacLeod

One of the strangest things happened during the time of our separation since our initial separation in May of 1983, and that stand became focused on Jesus and His will, after my born again experience in October of 1983.

In November of 1984, I went to regional meeting of a ministry called Born Again Marriages in Beverly Hills, California. At this particular meeting there were approximately three hundred people who were believing God for marriage healing. People of all denominations had come to hear what God had been doing to restore broken or hurting marriages. Kent and Dru Antell, the founders of Born Again Marriages, from Omaha, Nebraska, were leading the meeting.

As the evening transpired, Kent introduced two people present who were just coming back together after a three year separation and divorce. The wife had learned about standing for marriage healing from Pat and Shirley Boone and others. This particular evening the couple being introduced was, Gavin MacLeod, skipper of the Love Boat TV series and his wife Patti, a well-known stage and television star.

I was interested in hearing how Gavin had turned around from being the “prodigal.” Patti had counseled with many well-known Christians and stood for her marriage healing. I also noticed a middle-aged lady some twenty feet from me who kept staring at me. I kept my focus forward but was mindful of the lady to my left. As the evening went on, Kent introduced some of those present who had been instruments used of God to disciple Patti MacLeod.

The lady to my left side, who had been staring, was introduced as Mrs. Louise French, Patti MacLeod’s prayer partner. It was then that I learned why she had been staring at me. I introduced myself to her and she prophesied that Lynne would return home soon. That confirmed what I had been thinking for quite some time. Louise and I both felt expectancy over what God was doing.

Later I was able to introduce myself to Patti, but was unable to get close to Gavin due to others surrounding him. As time went by, I chatted with Louise by phone a time or two. Louise later discussed my marital situation and stand for my marriage with Gavin who remembered me from that meeting.

I knew that in time our family would be restored, but there was nothing in the natural I could do. Several months later, on April 6, 1985, when Lynne and I were remarried at Church on the Way in Van Nuys – guess who arrived? Louise French and her husband, plus my prayer partner, Daisy Mae Lopez, and Gavin MacLeod! Gavin was our best man and we were all in tears. Patti had another engagement so she couldn’t be there, but Gavin told Patti that evening that he wanted their wedding to be like ours. It was a Holy Spirit-filled marriage ceremony with our sons, Andrew and Matthew in attendance. Yes, this was another of God’s miracles – having Gavin and the others present, and seeing our hopeless marriage reborn into a beautiful marriage.

Sequel to that miracle for our remarriage with Gavin standing in as best man, occurred tree months later when I was asked to walk Patti MacLeod down the aisle in Omaha, Nebraska, at Gavin and Patti’s remarriage. Pat and Shirley Boone had been asked to be best man and matron of honor.

Bob’s Back Is Healed By God’s Power

One of the most wonderful miracles that I experienced was the healing of my back. I had my first back surgery in 1964, when the neurosurgeons removed two lower lumbar intervertebral discs. I was a practicing oral and maxillofacial surgeon and had found that my ability to perform surgery was at times hampered by back pain. Two months later the neurosurgeons re-operated and removed a third disc from my back. Eight years later when Lynne and I had just gotten married, I had a third operation to remove my fourth and fifth lumbar discs. However, from that moment on, although for the most part I overcame the problem, the back pain persisted and was occasionally severe.

By 1975, I had retired from practice to become a cattle rancher in Oregon. Lynne and I were delighted to be on the ranch together and perhaps we worked too hard. I was concerned as to how long I might be able to continue due to the nature of my persistent back problems.

In 1981, we returned to northern California where I opened an oral maxillofacial surgery practice; however, as time went by, my back continued to be a problem, causing me to stay in bed a day or two at ate, due to the extreme pain.

In 1983, as Lynne and I separated and then divorced, I notice the pressures of the divorce having a deteriorating effect on my back. In 1984, after being “born again,” I began to believe my back would be totally healed by God’s power. That word of knowledge continued to burn in my spirit. As my faith in God grew, I began to seek God’s power for y healing. I began to know in my spirit that my back would be healed within the next few months.

In the fall of 1984, at God’s direction, I had changed my church affiliation to Church On The Way, in Van Nuys, California. Later I heard Pastor Jack Hayford interrupt one of his messages to say, “Someone is being healed of an arthritic problem. Who is it? My hand shot up, and then I stood as Pastor Jack said, “Tell us about it.” I briefly related my story of the thirty years of back pain and the multiple surgeries. I related how approximately three months earlier God impressed me that I would be totally healed. The congregation applauded and I sat down.

About two weeks later I experienced on of the most painful episodes of back pain I had ever experienced. As I was still living alone and had no one to help me through this, I began to claim my healing of two weeks before-letting the enemy know he couldn’t oppress me with a spirit of infirmity. Remember the devil comes to “steal God’s Word” through deception. I decided the devil couldn’t “steal” my healing. I was going to believe God and His promises and no the circumstances or the lies of the enemy. From that moment to this, over seven years later, I have been totally healed! What a blessing it has been to our family and to me personally to have received this great healing.

One lesson to be learned is that one must continue to know and believe he has been healed, because the enemy will bring a spirit of doubt in to deceive God’s elect into believing no miracle had occurred. There were no medical or surgical treatments which would have made total freedom from the symptoms possible, “but with God, all things are possible.”

Never underestimate God’s love for you nor his desire to give you an abundant life. Your faith will be tested. What are you made of? Whom will you believe?

In Psalms we read, “If in times of adversity you faint, then our faith is small.”

The Restoration Of Our Marriage

Next to being born again and later Spirit-filled, our reconciliation and remarriage is perhaps the greatest miracle in our lives. From the very beginning of our separation, God put in my heart to stand for the healing of our marriage. God had faithfully drawn me close to Himself and then began to reveal Himself to me. Separation and divorce are weapons satan uses to destroy God’s plan for His people. The Bible says we are drawn away because of our won lust. Hosea 4:6 tells us: “My people perish for lack of knowledge?”

Certainly, divorce is not the answer, Jesus is. It took God’s miraculous intervention to put a vision in my spirit and then give me the courage to go against the world’s system which continually said, “Get on with your life.” God put in my heart a supernatural love for Lynne and our boys. His Word says: “He will give us the desires of our heart.”

Our reconciliation and marriage healing was a miracle that only God could orchestrate. There was little we could do in the natural to right our shipwrecked marriage. However, as I had learned very early, “Sorrow may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.” After nearly two years apart there were many instances where unforgiveness and bitterness could have taken root and then blossomed, yet God enabled me to continue in prayer and be obedient to hear His Voice. What the devil had planned for destruction, God finally would heal, so that He would receive the glory. During these two years God had been preparing my heart to receive my dear wife back with the love that only He can supply.

There was no desire in either one of us to point to the areas of deficiency or fault in each other. Gradually I could begin to see a change coming forth in Lynne. There was a softening of a heart which had been hardening.

God put such a faith in my heart for what I knew He wanted to do in our lives. There was a moving in my spirit that God would use Lynne mightily in ministry – y that moment she didn’t truly know the lord. My expectancy rose as the time of reunion approached. I had been standing on God’s promise in Mark 11:23 where Jesus said, “For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

I couldn’t have told you exactly when the miracle of your marriage healing would occur. As Jesus said speaking about the end of the world, “Only the Father knows the time, “and yet the Holy Spirit gave me an expectant heart. It’s much like a pregnant mother –to-be knowing only the general time of the birth of her baby.

One Sunday evening, March 24, 1985, the Lord spoke quietly and yet convincingly to Lynne’s spirit, “It’s time to go home.” Lynne’s heart had been softened by the Holy Spirit, and so she simply packed her belongings, with the children, cants, the dog, and came three blocks to my doorstep and said, “I’ve come home.” Only the prayers of many faithful Christians could have prepared the way.

Words will never be able to express the love I felt, and feel today for Lynne, and the gratitude and the love I have to God for His mercy and love He has shown to our family.

How good it was to be able to embrace Lynne, Andrew and Matthew and welcome them all home. We are sure there must have been great joy in heaven over tis marriage being restored.

At that moment Lynne had not as yet given her life to Jesus, but within two days she as “born again” at Church On The Way in Van Nuys, California. Three days later she was baptized in water and a week later we were remarried with Gavin MacLeod as our best man. This marriage was on my birthday. That was the beginning of new life and a new marriage for Lynne and me – one dedicated to serving God.

If your marriage has gone through the hell of separation of divorce, and you are wishing for reconciliation, you must be willing to pay the price. We know, by His Word in Malachi, that “God hates divorce.” In Matthew 21:21 He says: “if you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

He said in Jeremiah 32:39: “I will give you one heart and one way, that you may fear me forever, for the good of you and your children after you.”

You must be sure you have made Jesus Lord of your life, and that you truly want His plan to unfold in your life. This is found in Matthew 6:33. If that is your desire then ask Him to help you make every change He wants in your life.

Tell Him, too, you are standing in faith for your covenant of marriage to be honored. Jeremiah 29:11 states, “For I know the thoughts I think toward you, saith the Lord, ‘thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

The Healing Of The Man Who Had Cancer And AIDS

When our family was reunited after our remarriage, we had to make a decision where we wanted to live and where Bob felt we should return to the Ukiah, California area where we lived before her separation. After I had left, Bob finally decided he had to move south to be closer to his sons and me. This meant he closed down his practice and left the office building and her new home be taken over by the mortgage holders. Some of Bob's patients from the area were not too pleased when he left so we had to take that into consideration as well. After a lot of prayer we decided to return to his town and to blossom where we were planted.

The first patient referred to Bob for treatment was a man with an oral malignant tumor. He drove 80 miles for a consultation with Bob. The office was not fully operational yet, when this man arrived. Bob made the decision to do an excision biopsy of the tumor and he proceeded without wearing gloves. When the pathology report came from the local hospital laboratory it set the lesion was a benign tumor.

Bob felt differently however and when the tumor he grew over a period of two weeks Bob asked the pathologist to send the tissue to armed forces Institute of pathology in Washington DC for confirmation.

The report that came back, stated that the patient had a malignant tumor. This suggested Bob check on his patient's lifestyle and submit a blood sample for HIV testing. In 1985 in this country 150 miles north of San Francisco we were not tuned into the possibility that this patient might have the AIDS virus. When their tests were seated we were quite shocked to learn that this 28-year-old patient was HIV positive. Not only were we shot but we are now concerned for Bob’s health as he had not taken the precautions you might have by wearing surgical gloves.

Bob begin to prepare his patient to be admitted to the hospital for a more radical resection of the tumor. As he did he decided he must alert the patient to the seriousness of his problem. The patient's mother who was living in New York had called Bob several times regarding her sons from prognosis.

Bob felt he needed to be up front with her and let her know about her son's condition.

As Bob discussed with the patient the possible consequences of being HIV positive which were the results from the lab showed, he felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray for this man with the hopes that he could lead him to the Lord. He was of a Jewish heritage but was open to Bob's ministry. Bob told him Jesus wanted to heal him and then they had prayed together.

The surgery was scheduled for one week later; however, when the patient came in for an examination five days later Bob, was elated. The tumor had totally receded! There was no more evidence of it in the surgery was not necessary of formation point

We lost track of this young man, but we believe he was not only healed of a malignant tumor, but also of AIDS.

There is no disease or illness that reigns over the name of Jesus. Don't ever think that Jesus can't heal AIDS. Praise God!

Lynne’s Car Runs Out Of Gas

I have never had my car run out of gas in more than 25 years of driving until the autumn day in 1985. That day I was driving on Highway 101 from Bob's new office in Willits to the town of Ukiah, California. It was dusk when all of the sudden I car gave once per and then totally came to a halt. I had just come to a freeway exit ramp, so I parked the car by the side of the road and began walking to one of the ranch houses nearby. Bob had just reopened his oral surgery office a few months earlier after our remarriage in April. We were spending all of your spare time ministering to hurting marriages, telling them of the mighty works of God. I knocked on the door of the ranch house and was by a young woman who was busy getting a haircut to another young lady. I asked if I could use the phone to call Bob. She agreed. I knew it would take Bob all over a half an hour to get there, so I begin to talk with the young ladies. They asked me what my husband and I did. As I began to relate the testimony of our marriage healing, and our ministry to hurting marriages, the young lady whose family owned the home became saddened, with tears running down her face.

It turned out she and her husband were having a difficult time in their marriage and it appeared divorce was inevitable. I was able to minister to her until Bob arrived and I promised to stay in touch with her. A little later on I was able to lead a young lady to the Lord and to see her become spirit-filled. She began to stand firmly for the healing of her own marriage. It turned out her husband was in adultery and was planning divorce. When he began to see the supernatural love of his wife for him, he ended the extra marital affair in which he was involved, and his marriage was totally restored.

We praise God for placing me at just the right place and time in their home so that dear family could hear of God's desire to heal their marriage. Only God could have orchestrated that original meeting between back hurt his wife and myself and then turn the circumstances around totally for His good purpose.

Bob and Lynne See An Angel On The Freeway

On one of our bi-weekly ministry trips from Ukiah to San Mateo, California, our vehicle got a flat tire. Andy and Matt were with us on Highway 91 along the edge of Oakland they when it happened. The Freeway was jammed with traffic out Friday afternoon. We got out of the car and stood looking at the flat on the right rear wheel. We had on nice clothes, but as we were just sizing up the situation, a small car pulled around our car stopped. A pleasant appearing young man got out of the car and with a smile on his face as if he could change our tire. We told him we didn't mind changing the tire ourselves, but we are very appreciative of his offer. He politely insisted he could change the tire for us, though we like. We removed the suitcases from the trunk, then he removed the spare tire, set up the jack, removed the flat tire, and put on the spare. I stood right by him and said to him, "You must be a Christian.” His demeanor was so pleasant. He just looked into my eyes and smiled; no word was spoken. No sooner had he changed the tire and put the flat in the trunk than he left. It was uncanny how he came and went. He just disappeared. All we could think was that this man was an angel. There was just no earthly way to account for his actions. We believe he was an angel sent by the Lord to minister to some of God’s children. The Bible tells us that is their desire and their calling. Yes, we were on our way to minister to others’ marriage needs, and God had His angel minister to us.

The Car Window Incident

One day at lunch time we had driven Highway 101 form Willits to Ukiah. After lunch in Ukiah, we were driving our car back toward Willits. The road was straight before it started up a hill noted for accidents. We were probably traveling the freeway speed limit when a car passed us in the opposite direction. At about the same moment we heard a loud explosion and the driver’s side window next to me suddenly exploded inward. It was literally next to my face. Lynne asked what happened. I told her I believed it was a gunshot and that the bullet shattered the window. Lynne asked me if I was hurt, and I replied that I didn’t know, but I didn’t think so.

I stopped the car and we looked at each other and realized that amazingly, not one piece of glass had struck either one of us. The car was full of broken glass all around us, but neither of us had been struck or cut. The nearest thing to glass hitting us was one small fragment which had gotten in the back of my pants. The driver’s side window, of course, was totally destroyed.

Neither of us had ever had a window blow up before, but the miracle was that the flying glass did not hit my face nor did it cause me to swerve. I was able to drive straight down the road as if I were flying our plane on instruments. Needless to say, we praised God for His protection over us.

Alien’s Death

When Lynne left home and the protection which should have been present, she was an easy prey for the enemy’s deception. Had I been the spiritual leader of our home, functioning in God’s Kingdom according to His plan, the attack from the outside would have been more easily stopped. In marriages which are going through separation and divorce, the enemy will try to inflict wounds beyond what may be naturally happening. We believe the scenario is often repeated in many families who are going through divorce.

The entrance of another person into your spouse’s life after you are separated is not unusual. We see this occur frequently in other marriages. Lynne wasn’t looking for someone else, but the enemy had someone ready – a friend of mine. We always name such an unwarranted intruder the alien.

In our situation the alien became involved socially with our family from day one of our separation. It was an introduction which I made. The alien’s design to be helpful to Lynne was motivated on his part by lust, deception, and greed.

Lynne and I had a very nice Cessna P-210 airplane which the alien was interested in, since we would be losing the plane. He just happened to be in the airplane marketing business. He talked Lynne into taking our plane from the Orange County-John Wayne Airport where I had parked it. No matter how hard I tried to get that plane back, I was never able to even see it, except when the alien would fly it over the house where I was living, rev the engine, and roll the wings just to goad me.

Lord gave me peace about that situation even though there was a time I would like to have murdered my former friend. One Sunday morning as I was going to church, I stopped for breakfast in a restaurant in El Monte. The alien came up behind me as I was looking at a newspaper that featured an article about him in which it accused him of stealing various people’s airplanes. The news story paralleled ours in many ways. The district attorney had filed twenty-six felony embezzlement counts against him in a lawsuit. As he saw me reading that particular article, he came up behind me and said, “Great article, great publicity.” Nothing could have been farther from the truth.

As I looked back into his face, which was just over my left shoulder and perhaps no more than two feet away, I saw a most shocking sight. The alien’s face didn’t appear as it had over the many years that I knew him. It appeared much larger – twice – normal size – with nothing but wrinkles extending outward from the middle of his face. His eyes were squinty and he wreaked of body odor. I was seeing a vision of the spirit of death overtaking the alien. It was truly demonic and made me realize that his sin was killing him. If ever I saw satan’s face, I saw it at that moment. Instantly my feeling about him turned from one of anger to one of wanting to pray for his soul and lead him into Jesus’s arms.

When some months later we were reunited in marriage, we prayed for the alien. His actions toward me, and toward many others, were of a reprobate man who had sold out to the devil. Even after our remarriage, this alien continued to try to destroy our marriage. During these times I was reminded of the vision from God which had helped me overcome the anger and frustration I had been feeling toward him.

Just a few months later we traveled to San Francisco, two hundred miles from our home, to minister to a group standing from marriage healing. While there, we received a call from the El Monte detective who was handling the alien’s case. It was truly a little miracle that the detective ever found out where we were, but the message which he first gave to Lynne was shocking. Just four hours before, the alien had been taken to a hospital where he died of a massive heart attack. No one in his family felt he had been in danger of imminent death, but God had given me a glimpse of his death months before. His death occurred only one week before his trial was scheduled to begin, where Lynne was subpoenaed to be a witness against him. We were not looking forward to this ordeal, but we knew God was in charge.

It was most interesting to see the fate of those who played key roles against the survival of our marriage. The alien played a key role and we really feel that had he been repentant and had sought God’s purpose in his life, his life would never have been cut short. After all, he was only in his early 50’s.

Lynne’s Attorney

During the time of our separation and divorce, I found myself always at odds with Lynne’s attorney. This man was well known for being a shrewd attorney. From various people involved with law enforcement, in that county, I later heard he was involved with drugs and other shady dealings. Sometime after our divorce was finalized, we heard that he was arrested, put in jail, and disbarred as an attorney.

The last we knew, eight years later, was that he had been in and out of jail several times. Some for embezzling his clients trust funds and other times on drug charges or while driving under the influence.

I really believe those who interfere with God’s plan and God’s anointed are in for much trouble. In our situation, the judge, the alien, and the attorney all found themselves in odd positions following our remarriage. Only God knows what the real answer is in each of these lives and situations, but it has made us very cognizant of the need to not come against God’s purposes in another life. We choose to not speak against pastors and ministry leaders, knowing if corrections are needed, God will take care of the problem. Though this story may not depict any miracle, we do believe it illustrates God’s protection on His people.

The Judge’s Retirement

Certainly one of the other memorable characters in our divorce was a judge in the city where we were living. His reputation for heavy-handed judgment to the detriment of marriages and families, was well-known. Bob sought the advice of an attorney after I left with the boys. Bob was not yet a born again Christian and didn’t realize how much that incorrect legal advice played into the enemy’s hands. Christians are not to seek divorce. Jesus said in Matthew 19:6- “Let not man put asunder what God had joined together.” God also tells us in Malachi, “I hate divorce.”

Too many times the believer is encouraged by others to seek a legal remedy. That makes us double minded. How can we say we are standing for our marriage at the same time we are filing for divorce?

Once the divorce action was started it seemed there was no way of stopping it. Divorce is so destructive to marriage, to the family, and to the extended family. It is about as merciful and logical as abortion is to the unborn. God has now placed in our hearts a desire to help others refrain from divorcing. Today our lives and all of our resources are given to help restore others’ marriages.

The judge was obviously not going to assist Bob in keeping our family together and the mediator to whom we had been assigned had little wisdom to help us put our marriage back together either. That episode of mediation was especially difficult for me as I was afraid that I might lose custody of the boys.

Needless to say, the judge’s position in our divorce was anything but pleasant. Bob had at one point paid for a half page open letter in the local newspaper to speak to the judge and tell him what devastation he was allowing by his court decrees To say the least, that did not make the judge happy with Bob. He would have gladly thrown him in jail, but as it ended up, because of the letter in the paper, the judge had to disqualify from the case.

Some two years later after we had been remarried, we moved back to that same city. Every time we drove by the courthouse we prayed God would make it a house of reconciliation. It was about two years later that the judge was up for three six-year terms and was now up for re-election to serve another six years. It didn’t surprise anyone that he won re-election.

About three weeks after that, one evening, Bob and I and our friends Glenn and Carla Edwards were driving home after dinner. All of the sudden the Lord seemed to impress upon Bob to drive around the courthouse seven times praying in the Spirit. So we all did, and as we came around the final lap, Bob felt the Lord telling him that the walls were coming down inside that building.

Three weeks later that judge announced he was retiring six years ahead of schedule and for no apparent reason. No one knew why except the four of us. Just as the Jericho walls came tumbling down when Joshua did whet God commanded, the spiritual walls in that courthouse crumbled when we did what God commanded. We doubt that judge ever really knew why he retired at that time. After all, he had just been elected to another six year term. We were elated because his actions on the bench in cases of marital dissolution were anything but godly.

We know God hears the prayers of His devoted people will suffer loss, if God’s people will pray and be obedient. From our experience, we know the pain of separation and divorce. Consequently, we have been called by God to devote our time and resources to helping others restore their marriages.

God wants all marriages healed, but He especially wants Christian families to have “one heart and one way,“ as it says in Jeremiah 32:39.

In Jeremiah 32:27, God promises us that, “Nothing is impossible with God.”

Healing of Warts

God is such a loving god. He wants us to be well, to prosper, and to have a really abundant life. A short time after our marriage was healed we were talking about the warts which Matthew had on his legs, feet and hands for a year or more. One day we asked Matthew if he would like to pry for God to remove them. His answer was rather comical. He said, “Oh, no! I name them and talk with them.” We knew from his answer that we were to temporarily abandon any thought of praying for those warts to be gone right then.

A year or more went by and Matthew’s warts were still there. As summer was approaching, Matthew knew he might be wearing swimsuit or shorts and his warts would be visible. We asked if the time was right for us to pray, believing God would take away the warts. He just barely nodded “yes” and we knew the time was right. We asked Andy to join with us as we prayed as a family for Matthew’s warts to be gone. One week after praying, at least half of Matthew’s warts were gone, and in another week they were all gone! Yes, this was one of God’s little miracles. However, we had forgotten the two or three warts Lynne had on her left knee and which I had surgically excised at least twice before, only to have them appear. But after prayer for Matthew, we realized the warts Lynne had were gone, too! Praise the Lord!

The Bible tells us that God will give us he desires of our heart, but it also tells us God will always do exceedingly more than we think or ask Him to do – we have faith. We know this affirmation of God’s love for each of us has ministered to Matthew and Andrew, not to mention to the two of us. Don’t sell short Jesus and His miracle-working power! Our God is an awesome God!

The Light Bulb Explosion

After we were remarried, we made the decision to go back to the same small town where we used to live. It was a decision that took us a little while to make and didn’t come easy for Lynne. I had felt it would be best as we knew we were needed professionally there and we enjoyed the countryside of Mendocino County. We were pleased when we found a very nice office that was owned by a gentleman we knew. Since the place had previously been a doctor’s office, it was fairly easy to set up. We signed the leases and brought in the equipment and soon we were ready to get started. The patients began returning to the practice and it wasn’t too long until we were busy again.

Besides performing oral and maxillofacial surgery, we were busy helping hurting marriages get back together again or leading someone to Jesus. It was a wonderful time for us. We knew we were ministering in each area and enjoyed it. We saw much fruit in the marriage healing area and in our personal evangelizing, too. One morning in particular just after we came into the office, I said to Lynne that we needed to go into the waiting room for a few minutes and pray. So we did. There was no one else in the waiting room and I just felt we needed to be in prayer, right then.

We began praying in the Spirit. It was a beautiful ten minutes or so of simply holding each other in an embrace. All of the sudden there was a loud pop of a 100 watt light bulb exploded right above our heads. Glass went everywhere but not one piece touched Lynne or me. The bulb was not more than eighteen inches above our heads and yet not one piece touched us! We both felt that the exploding light bulb had some demonic significance, but as the Bible so clearly states in Isaiah 54:17: “No weapon formed against you will prosper.”

There was no question in our minds that it was divine intervention which saved us from serious injury from that exploding light bulb.

The Prophecy Through Pastor David Duell

In 1986, while Lynne and I were attending the Born Again Marriages annual convention in Omaha, Nebraska, we met Pastor Dave Duell.

We had been selected to ahead an arm of ministry of Born Again Marriages. During the time of our being called forth, Pastor Dave Duell prophesied many things over us. One was that we would go before heads of government to speak the words of marriage restoration. Another even more interesting message was that large sums of money would come to us to be used to God’s purposes. That particular one seemed most unusual from a natural point of view as we had no sources of our own. We received the prophecy and had faith for its completion, believing somehow God would bring it to pass. However, at that time we had just borrowed $600 from our sons for the air fare to Omaha to be able to go to the convention, and then had to charge the cost of our room on another stander’s charge card. Though we had no money of our own at the time, God was faithful.

Five years later, we are seeing large sums of money coming to us to be used to help restore marriages and families. God’s ways and thoughts are higher than man’s, and God’s timing is always perfect in accomplishing His purpose. We are so grateful to God for giving us the opportunity of meeting the spiritual and material needs of others.

Healing Of Else’s Back

I wrote this short chapter when I was on the train from Holn to Hannover, in Germany. It is quite fitting to be relating the story of the healing of Else’s back while a half world from our home in Colorado and her home in California, since she was born and raised nearby.

Back in 1986, we traveled about two hundred miles twice a month to the San Francisco area to minister to people standing for marriage healing. This particular evening we were ministering in a woman’s home where probably forty people were present. We had met some of them before in other meetings, but most were new to us.

As we were relating our testimony, we got to the part where I was telling about how God healed my back. You’ll remember that I had five lumbar discs removed in three different surgeries over an eight-year period from 1964-1972. I continued to relate how I had at times needed to be taken by helicopter or ambulance from home to a hospital. As I finished telling that part of my story, a middle-aged woman of Scandinavian ancestry stood up and spoke out in English, with a slight accent, “ I’m healed, I’m healed!” She obviously was very excited and so were we. I spoke out the works, “Priase God, we agree with you.”

The excitement rose in the room and we had the opportunity of talking with her to see what she felt. She described what she had felt, as the words of God’s healing power came forth. She said she felt her lumbar spine became warm, vibrate, and it cracked and tingled. She knew she was healed by God and the Holy Spirit was all over her. Her countenance radiated God’s love and power. We were all very blessed at His mercy, love, and healing power was so evident in her life at that moment.

As years have gone by, we have maintained a close relationship with Else and have been assured her back healing, like mine was to be permanent. What a relief to receive such a lasting healing. We continually praise God for the miracle healing of Else’s back and mine, too.

The Rainbow

One of the most memorable interventions of God occurred in 1987, as we were moving our home from Willits to Calpella. We had been renting a home on a hill in Willits since we came back to that town after our remarriage a year earlier.

Having no ability to even finance a home made for another special. Our realtor friend from Ukiah, John Walker, phoned us one day and told us he had a home we could buy on a n acre of land that was situated at the junction of two freeways. Now we had not even considered looking for a home as we thought it would be impossible for us to arrange financing. Finally, though, the house was purchased with the signing of escrow papers and the payment of a very small down payment.

The miracle that occurred was on the day we were making our first trip from our old rented home into our new home. We had many things with us which we were delivering to our new home.

As we began the fourteen mile drive from Willits, we started over a large hill we noticed about thirty feet ahead of us was a rainbow which came up out of the road. It was the widest, most colorful and beautiful rainbow either of us had ever seen. There was no moisture or rain anywhere near us that day as the sky was only partially overcast with high clouds. Half of that rainbow stayed with us as we drove over the hill of approximately eleven miles. Then as we came within three miles or so of our new home, the rainbow began to depart and became a full rainbow about one mile to the left side of the road on which we were traveling.

As we drove the last mile, we noticed the rainbow was staying abreast of us when Bob said, “It is going to be over our new home.” As we drove down the last small knoll to our home there was a double rainbow centered over our new home. We were so delighted and amazed as we carried our first items into the house. We wondered if anyone else had seen that rainbow. We knew it was God’s message to us. As we came back out of the house to the car, the rainbow was gone.

A few days later a man from Calpella traveled to Willits to bring us two separate but joinable photographs which showed the rainbow which had covered our home. He state he had been traveling by our home that particular day when he saw the two rainbows and he stopped the car and took the photographs which he now presented to us. Yes, that rainbow was a miracle from God.

The Prophecy To Bob Through A Young Lady

For some months Bob knew in his spirit that he would live to be quite old. It was just one of those words of knowledge that can overtake any Spirit-filled believer.

In 1987, we were attending Kenneth Copeland’s Believers’ Convention being held in Anaheim at the Convention Center. We were blessed to be among friends where approximately twelve thousand Christians were in attendance.

During one of the breaks between the sessions, while we were standing in an aisle, a young woman came up behind us and handed Bob a small piece of yellow pad. She said God asked her to give this message to Bob. It said Psalm 91:16 and Psalm 92:14-15 were to be given to Bob as a personal word from God.

As we read these scriptures they confirmed what Bob had been feeling in his spirit for many months. The verses read as follows: Psalm 91:16: “With long life will I satisfy him, and show him My salvation.” Psalm 92:14-15: “They shall bring forth fruit in their old age; they shall be fat and flourishing. To shew that the Lord is upright; He is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.”

We praised God for that prophecy which confirmed what Bob had felt in his spirit. For some years now he has been believing he will live to be at least ninety- five years of age, if the Lord tarries. We want to be useful in our lives for Him, whatever time He affords us.

We want our lives and our marriage to be a witness as one made and blessed in heaven. We also desire to let the world know our God is faithful. We have made many mistakes, but God is much, much bigger than all of our mistakes.

The Prophecy Through Henry And Grace Falany

On September 1, 1987, our dear friends and soon to be pastors, Henry and Grace Falany of Sierra Faith Center in Mariposa, California, were with us and prophesied two passages in the Bible over us.

“God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work: now he that ministers seed to the sower both ministers bread for our food, and multiplies your seed sown, and increases the fruits of your righteousness; being enriched in everything to all bountifulness, which causes through us thanksgiving to God.” II Cor. 9:8-11

“Verily I say unto you, there is no man that has left house, or brethren or sisters or father or mother or wife, or children or lands, for My sake, and the gospel’s, but he shall receive an hundred fold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers and children, and lands, with persecution; and, in the world to come, eternal life.” Mark 10:29-30

We received that Word from the Lord as we began to step out more fully into ministry. Our financial future was an unknown, but we were willing to be obedient to the call God was making on our lives.

Each person or family needs to have committed Christians, who hear from God, as their close friends. We count Henry and Grace as two of our dearest and most cherished friends. They are on the board of Victory Faith Fellowship along with our Pastors Rick and Tracy Kingham. We are especially blessed to have such godly counsel for this ministry and for our lives personally.

Our Call Into The Ministry

We had known for some time we would be called into full time ministry to help marriages be restored. Ever since we had come back together again we found ourselves helping others with the help with which we had been helped by God (II Corinthians 1:4) We knew it was a call God had placed upon our lives and we sought to perform His Will.

On Father’s Day in 1987 while we were living in Calpella, California, God made His Will know in a very special way to me. I was standing in front of a bathroom mirror when God performed a very special miracle. A bullet of light was passed through my brain with the words, “I want you in full-time ministry.” It happened in the time it would take you to blink your eye. It was so clear, so pointed and I knew we had to be obedient. But, “How, God? What is your plan, Lord? Let it be in Your timing, not ours.”

During that next year we waited on the Lord for His timing. Early the next year we began to know we would probably be ordained late in the year and yet there was not natural way that seemingly could happen. We had just been led into a brand new church in Ukiah. The first two people in the congregation were women who had been called by God to stand for their marriages to be healed. Here we were being drawn out of a church where more faith needed to be preached, into a church with a new pastor and a congregation of two. It took faith needed to be preached, into a church with a new pastor and a congregation of two. It took faith in God and hearing His Word to be able to move into that church. The church grew to over sixty people that first year.

In 1984, God had given me a glimpse of a marriage ministry and a for-profit company, side by side, accomplishing His purposes. We sought God’s plan and His timing, and names for both. By early 1988, we knew we were to start a company called TMJ Implants, Inc. and a ministry called Covenant Marriages Ministry. Legal documents were drawn for both. Now it was time to begin. By June of that year, the Lord revealed to us that we were to begin closing down my tempromandibular joint surgery practice over the next few months. What a strange thing that was to do. No one else had a vision for what God was asking us to do. We would be cutting off all income, leaving a profession I had been in for forty years of my life to apparently enter the unknown. We both knew it was God asking us to trust Him, to forsake all to follow Him.

On Wednesday, October 21, 1988, our Pastor, Warren Marr, told us that he heard from the Lord that he was to ordain us into the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We had known for about a year that we were to be ordained, so when he announced it, we weren’t surprised. Before the church body at Ukiah Victory Word Center and among our friends Henry and Grace Falany, Rev. Dorothy Kirchner, and many others in attendance, we were ordained as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ almost five years to the day after I had asked Him to be the Lord of my life. We gladly followed the Lord.

By December of 1988, we had closed our practice and made a trip to Denver to visit our friends Mike and Marilyn Phillipps who founded Shalom Ministry. By Christmas of that year we knew we were to sell our home in Ukiah and move our family to Lakewood, Colorado. Four weeks later, on January 26, 1989, with our home sold, we traveled by car to Colorado.

We were tremendously attacked as we began in full-time ministry. First of all, our car broke down in Evanston, Wyoming, (the home of the Red Devils) on our way to Colorado. Then Bob became ill and was hospitalized in Denver and monies from our home sale were quickly depleted to pay the hospital bills and living expenses. Praise the lord, we were never without food, nor were we homeless.

It was a time of great expectations and thankfulness for us. We were so appreciative of what God was doing in our lives and in our family. Our boys were developing into fine young Christian men and we had high hopes for their future.

There were many questions about how the future would unfold in both the ministry and the company. The company had sold nearly $100,000 worth of implants the first six months, for which we were mighty grateful. The ministry, although just beginning, was also touching many lives across America by telephone.

We thanked God for His miracle of placing us in ministry to help hurting marriages, and also to minister to hurting bodies through our medical device company. Only God could have mad that transformation in our personal lives, our marriage, and our vocation. What a challenge He had given us, and we welcomed the challenge, and felt up to it, with His help and guidance.

An Attack On Bob’s Life

We mentioned in the previous chapter about our call into ministry. We also alluded to the fact that there were multiple attacks against us to prevent us from progressing in God’s work. We are sure that all who agree to step out into a strong commitment to follow Jesus must necessarily go through trial and temptation and even outright attacks of the enemy. Our start was no different. In the account of Paul’s voyage to Rome in Act 27, though the attacks were many, Paul stayed on course with God, and that we also must do.

We had just moved from northern California to Denver, and had gone on a ministry trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As we returned, Bob came down with a weakness that caused him to be hospitalized. In the hospital they diagnosed his condition to be idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. It appeared his blood was devoid of platelets. He also was undergoing an acute asthmatic attack. Bob had never been bothered by asthma before and was unaware of any platelet deficiency – especially such a life – threatening one.

The second or third morning in the hospital, one of the most serious of complications occurred. As Bob was getting up, he blew his nose, and it began to hemorrhage severely. His blood pressure had been routinely recorded a few moments earlier at 110/70. It was checked again and had risen to 180/110.

Bob realized the seriousness of the attack and could literally see the possibility that he could bleed to death within twenty minutes. Bob had the nurses quickly call me at home and ask that I come immediately to the hospital. Fear came over him and he finally decided that if he was to live a long life, to an age in excess of ninety-five years as God had promised him, he was going to have to come against that spirit of fear and rise above it. He screamed out, “Jesus, I’m living my life for you. Devil get out of my life and take your spirits of infirmity and fear with you!”

He was wheeled down to the emergency room with blood pouring of his nose and going down his throat. He told me later that his immediate concern was that o blood run down his windpipe or clot in his throat causing an airway obstruction. His pulse had risen from 72 to well over 130 beats per minute. We knew this was truly a spiritual battle that would have to first be fought and won in that realm. Matthew and I jumped into our car and within twenty minutes we arrived at the hospital to find him, nose packed, sitting on an examination chair in the emergency room. I had notified Marilyn Phillipps of this demonic attack and many in the Nova Shalom leadership began to intercede for Bob. It just happened that the Nova Shalom’s Annual War Camp was in progress and we were scheduled to address the group. Marilyn Phillipps and Lynne Wilford and other came that same morning to the hospital to pray for Bob.

They met in a chapel one floor below where Bob was, and began to pray earnestly. After about twenty minutes of praying, Marilyn received a vision of a horde of black demons gathered in front of them. The word came to her to “proceed ahead and attack them with the Sword.”

Marilyn and fiends continued to attack the demonic force with the Word and she saw the hordes spread apart as they proceeded.

When they go to the middle, she saw three black demons chained together. The word said, “Cut of their heads with the sword.” She did, and they had victory and felt peace. When they visited Bob’s room a few minutes later, she related that vision to him. We knew that attack was demonic, but were believing for total victory over every attack upon Bob’s life. It was a day or two later that we received word from friends of ours in Ukiah that another person or persons had prayed a curse upon us as we stepped out into ministry. Over the next few days Bob gained some strength and was released to go home. Here are a few verses that the Lord gave Bob and me during this time in our lives:

On February 28, 1989, Henry and Grace Falany prophesied over Bob, Psalm 118:17: “I, (you), shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.”

On March 1, 989, we declared, “a line is drawn, satan. Our divine health is here now. Our ministry in Denver is established. We win!”

On March 7, 1989, our friend and a leader in another marriage ministry, Marilyn Conrad, called from Tulsa giving Bob the prophecy found in Ezekiel 16:6, “You will live.”

We knew we had the victory. We knew we would not give up. We would fight in the spirit and we were already winners!

On June 23, 1989, Sister Betty Alves spoke a prophecy over Bob, which said, “Finances will be there, keep on in the direction you are going. You are hearing Me.”

Bob’s Dream Of The Enemy’s Defeat

On February 25, 1989, Bob came home from the hospital. It was so good to have him home again. He appreciated resting in our own bed and bedroom once again. I was taking good care of Bob. The nasal pack had been removed a day earlier and the bleeding had stopped. Bob had been placed on large amounts of Prednisone which was administered intravenously while he was in the hospital. The purpose for this medication was to control the asthma attacks. Now it was up to me to orally administer the Prednisone to him along with several other medications to treat the effects of the asthma. His blood platelets were still low, but appearing to be improving.

The boys were enrolled in a fine Christian school and were doing well, having met several new friends. They were glad to see their father home. That first evening we had gone to sleep around 10:00pm when around midnight Bob had a frightening and very vivid dream. He told me that in the dream he heard a song with a fast beat and he saw three pair of black, shaggy, human-shaped legs without feet or body, attempting to walk up to the bed over him. It was as though he had somewhat risen above his body. I heard Bob quickly saying, “I overcome you with the blood of Jesus.” He said this repeatedly.

After a few moments the legs and music disappeared and Bob woke up quickly to see me crouched over him asking, “What’s the matter?” Bob explained to me what had happened and suggested we pray together for a time. We prayed in the Spirit and then had peace to lay down and go back to sleep. We both realized this was a vision of the demons Marilyn had seen earlier. They had been destroyed by the Word, but they were still attempting to overcome him.

About five minutes had passed after we laid down to return to sleep. I sat up and was leaning against the headboard having quite a bit of difficulty breathing. All of a sudden I was overcome by a sharp pain in my stomach which moved up into my chest. This caused me difficulty in breathing and in talking. Bob and I came against any spiritual attack with the Word of God. The attack ended and we felt comforted. We prayed in the Spirit together until we had a total release from any fear of concern about what the enemy could do or wanted to do. We felt this might well have been the same evil force trying to oppress me that tried to oppress Bob. We won, but that experience gave us a firsthand glimpse of the horror of demonic spirits attempting to overcome God’s children.

That demonic force is nothing to fool around with. Though this attack was quiet frightening, we were pleased to know that in our desire to serve God, He had given us the wisdom and knowledge to respond properly. We don’t believe we will ever forget the horror of that moment. Neither do we want to forget all the people of this world who are under the control of such demonic spirits. Our desire is to see all people saved, delivered, and living victorious lives for the Lord Jesus Christ. To be concerned about the cares of this world is folly when there are so many lives to be brought into his kingdom.

The Healing Of The Paraplegic

In 1989, we were privileged to be asked by our dear friends Henry and Grace Falany if we would assist in their ordination. Henry and Grace lived in Mariposa, California. They had owned and operated one of the eldest, most respected, and successful river tours on the Colorado River when God called them into full-time ministry. Earlier, Henry resisted the call to the ministry, but when God spoke to him through Pastor John Wood, of Pomona, California, he was obedient.

The ordination service would be held at Pastor John Wood’s church with Evangelist Jerry Savelle and Pastor Harold Nichols of Fort Worth, Texas. We traveled from Ukiah, California to assist in the ordination. It was a glorious occasion and Pastor John Wood’s congregation made it even more exciting.

After the ordination, we all had lunch together and then we motorcaded from Pomona to Anaheim to attend Kenneth Copeland’s Believer’s Convention. We were traveling in Henry and Grace’s motor home. As we arrived in Anaheim we pulled into a park for motor homes and travel trailers.

It was quite late in the evening as we pulled into the bay they had reserved. We were approximately fifty feet or so back from the sidewalk. We began to level the motor home and hook up the electrical, water, and sewer lines. Just then I noticed a young man propelling himself in his wheelchair down the sidewalk in the fog. A couple of minutes later I was surprised to see him come around the front of the motor home and approach me. We exchanged greetings, then he asked me for money for breakfast. I was immediately reminded of the story of Peter and John in Acts 3:1-19, when the lame man asked for alms, Peter replied, “Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee, In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.”

I found out that the man, about twenty-two years of age, had been a paraplegic for at least ten years. I knew that more than anything, he needed to know Jesus as his Lord. I began to tell him about Jesus and after a few minutes had him saying the sinner’s prayer. My belief was for his healing, but I wanted to be sure he had entered God’s Kingdom first of all. About that time Henry and Grace came back to where I stood ministering to the man. At that moment the Holy Spirit quickened me to ask Grace to join together with us, to lay hands on this young man, and believe God to heal him. I asked Grace to be the one to pray over him. My right hand was on the back of his neck and Grace and Henry were touching his forehead and shoulders.

After a minute of prayer I felt the man’s cervical spine raise up three inches or more out of his neck behind his head and then return to where it was previously. I asked the man if he felt that and he said, “Oh yes!” I told him he should rise up from the wheelchair and walk, but he was afraid to try. It was obvious the man had been drinking but was not inebriated.

There was no doubt in our minds and spirits that this man was healed that evening, praise the Lord, even though we did not fully see the manifestation of God’s power at that moment. Our God is so faithful. Not only were we privileged to see our friends ordained into His ministry, but we were privileged to see a young paraplegic enter God’s Kingdom and be healed. God is so good.

TMJ Implants, Inc.

At the time that God put into our hearts to begin Covenant Marriages Ministry, He also led us to start a medical device manufacturing company called TMJ Implants, Inc. It was in 1984 that God placed in my spirit the vision that a for-profit manufacturing company would be started along side of a marriage healing ministry. The for-profit company would tithe into the ministry. At the time, that type of company was not apparent.

By 1988 however, we knew we were to start both the ministry and TMJ Implants, Inc. We were just beginning to close down our surgery practice and had little or no funds to use to start a medical device company. The device to be manufactured was a surgical implant used to replace the temporomandibular joint when dysfunction or disease required surgery. The invention of this particular device had been placed in my mind by the Lord twenty-seven years earlier. Although I used this device to correct problems in many patients since 1961, I was never able to get other surgeons to use the technique.

Another company had marketed a similar device about ten years ago, and gave no credit to me. Unfortunately for them (and some sixteen thousands of their patients who were treated with their device) their rendition of my implant failed. Though they were doing ten million dollars in sales when TMJ Implants, Inc. was formed, within three years they were bankrupt, their device was condemned by the FDA and taken off the market. God had given us the device and know God was seeing that this device would be marketed around the world by TMJ Implants, Inc., with many of the profits being used to spread God’s Word of marriage reconciliation to a hurting world.

In the next three years, our little company would be supplying implant devices to several hundred hospitals and surgeons in the United States and Canada. In the fourth year it would be spreading into Europe and around the world with sales of two and a half million dollars annually and rising.

As I am writing this chapter, I am returning from my first flight to Europe, paid for by a manufacturing company in Germany that wants our business. We are believing that one of the world’s largest medical instrument manufacturers and distributors will take these devices around the world so that many more sufferers of temporomandibular joint problems can be healed. Neither we nor the company take and prided in the fat it would appear that I was the innovator of the technique, because we know it was Jesus who truly gave the idea to us, and He is the one who has guided us forward.

We have seen many great healings of patients’ temporomandibular joint problems through the use of this device. Praise the name of the Lord.

The New Ministry And Company Office

After moving our home to Lakewood, Colorado, in January of 1989, Covenant Marriages Ministry and TMJ implants, Inc. both functioned our of our home. We had been given some used furniture and for a couple of years we prayed for our first computer, and operated rent-free from our six hundred square foot basement.

By the end of 1989, the company was shipping surgical devices daily to many hospitals across the nation. It was just Lynne and me wearing several hats.

By early 1990, we had hired one secretary to help us. By the end of that year we had also started our production of the television series Back Together Again. Later that year we hired a stander to help us with the phone ministry and mailing of tapes and books.

By the end of 1990, we knew we were growing out of space for both the ministry and the medical device company. We began to seek areas where we might set up an office and felt we would have to build the interior space from scratch, at quiet a cost.

One day, however, an agent took us to a building in Golden, Colorado, just five miles from our home. It was much bigger than we felt we needed since we still had only three employees, but the more we prayed, the more we felt this space was right for us. The office was fully partitioned to meet our needs exactly. We were moving into a 4,200 square foot office from our six hundred square foot basement. For us it was a major undertaking just to move our manufacturing of the medical devices from California to Golden, Colorado.

Even with our new office being properly laid out we had no furnishings for the office, the ministry, or the manufacturing area. We prayed and believed. The week after moving in we went to an auction and found almost everything we needed. We were able to fully equip the entire office for one-tenth of what we might have had to spend. Again, we praised God for a beautiful office and furnishings and laboratory equipment which was needed, and without even borrowing any money. The vision was expanding rapidly. More workers came on board and before 1991 ended, we had increased to seventeen people working within the ministry and the company. We had also been show favor as the landlord saved us an additional eight hundred square feet for expansion, as we were quickly running out of room.

As we looked back over those four years since we moved to Denver we were astounded at the growth. The medical device company was sending implants to over three hundred hospitals across America, Hawaii, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The medical devices and implants were just beginning to be asked for around the world and a major supplier to the world market was seeking to meet this need.

Throughout 1992, Bob received a call from a doctor in Mexico. One of the doctor’s patients was a fourteen year old boy named Fernando, whose lower jaw was fused to the base of his skull. This boy had fallen from a roof top at age six and suffered bi-lateral fractures of his lower jaw in the region of his temporomandibular joints. His jaw injuries were left untreated at the time, and as the healing process began, his jaw became fused because of bone growth between his jaw and the base of his skull. We learned that it had been impossible for Fernando to open his jaw to chew and eat food normally for the past eight years.

Of course, Bob has been a doctor specializing in temporomandibular joint surgery for many years. We were all touched by his condition, and desired to do whatever possible to assist him. After many months of prayer and believing, young Fernando arrived in Denver to be operated free of charge. Surgeons, doctors, hospitals, and others sacrificed their skills and their facilities in order to help him. Thanks to the idea of this medical device God had given to Bob thirty –two years earlier, this young lad was totally healed and able to once again chew and enjoy foods like most others.

We praise God that as this chapter is being written, a seventeen year old girl is being readied to travel from Mexico to the United States for a similar operation.

TMJ Implants, Inc. was God’s idea and because of it, many people are having their temporomandibular joints restored. We praise God for what He is doing through the ministry of Victory Faith Fellowship as well as through the ministry of Victory Faith Fellowship as well as through the company of TMJ Implants, Inc., working hand in hand. We believe God can use these vehicles to bless multiplied thousands of marriages. The miracle of starting this company without any funds or our won and growing, in basically four short years, to a company with an annual budget of two and a half million dollars, shows us the hand of God.

We continually lift up the Lord and His will in this company and in this ministry. We only seek His Way, knowing our way will not be fruitful compared to His. Our faith has been stretched as we have believed for the company and the ministry to flourish. We solicit your prayers for both. According to Gods’ plan they’re working hand in hand to witness his love to a hurting world.

What a privilege and responsibility God gives to many people to pray for others. Few of us ever do fully what God would have us do. I feel I was especially blessed by the Lord because God chose couple of very special people to pray me into His Kingdom.

One of these very dear ladies was Rev. Dorothy Kirchner Gillespie. Dorothy had come to me in 1952 as a patient requiring oral maxillofacial surgery in a hospital. She had been quite ill and I felt we all went out of our way to treat her kindly. When she last saw me at the time, I said to her, “if there is anything I can do for you, let me know. “

About that same time, God impressed Dorothy to pray of me daily. Dorothy didn’t shirk that responsibility. She continued praying faithfully for thirty-five years until I finally was born again. In 1957, Dorothy was given a Word of prophecy for me that is found in Acts 9:15: “Go the way, for he (Bob) is a chose vessel unto Me, to bear My Name before the Gentiles , and kings, and the children of Israel.”

Dorothy gained peace as she received the word that truly God had a call on my life. Prior to that, Dorothy had been concerned that all depended on her. God frequently will give each of us a takes and many times the final outcome seems impossible. Dorothy must have originally thought, “How can I bring this successful young doctor to know the Lord. “ When she received that Word, she knew the battle was the Lord’

For the next ten years Dorothy wrote voluminous letters to me telling me of her experiences as an evangelist and pastor with the Indians in the western part of the United States. For many years I saved her letters, but seldom did I have the tie to read them.

Dorothy only occasionally left her missionary endeavors to return to my office or the oral surgery she still needed. All these years I knew there was something different and special about her I found out what it was – that she never quit praying for my salvation. For many years Dorothy lost track of where I was practicing as we had left Pasadena and ranched in Oregon. When we returned to northern California, Dorothy found our office through a phone book advertisement. She continued to pray for both Lynne and me. It was several years later while Dorothy was watching the Trinity Broadcasting Network that she saw Lynne and me giving our testimony on the program “Marriage On The Rock.” Then she knew her prayers had been answered! Hallelujah! God answered her prayers. Both of us had been born into God’s Kingdom and our hurting marriage had been healed!

Several years late we were blessed to have Dorothy present as we were ordained into ministry. As she was taking photographs after the ceremony, she leaned over to the pastor ordaining us and said, “You don’t’ know what this day means to me.” We rejoiced with her. Just think, she had prayed for me all those years.

At our ordination, Dorothy prophesied two messages she received from the lord for us. “There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life; as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee; I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.” Joshua 1:15

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? As it is written, for thy sake we are all killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us, for I am persuaded that neither death, on or life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:35-37

We can be thankful to God for selecting Dorothy to intercede for our salvation. The sign of a true saint is his or her willingness to be obedient to God. We are eternally grateful to Dorothy for her faithfulness to Him. To see God’s plan come to fruition requires the patience of Job. Dorothy never ceased in her desire to see us saved and in the end God gave her the desire of her heart. How many of us are willing to prya thirty-five years to bring someone into God’s Kingdom?

We recently received a letter from Dorothy. In it she told us of her desire to write a book telling of God’s call on her life to bring doctors into God’s Kingdom. She may not know it, but we are believing to be able to help her publish her book titled “Dear Doctor.” God bless you, Dorothy.

Joan’s Word From The Lord For Bob

Bob’s daughter from an earlier marriage, Joan Johnson, had gone through some years of bitterness toward her father because of the earlier divorce. Some years later she saw a vision of Jesus with His arms around Bob and then with His arms around her. She knew then how much God loved her father and she was instantly able to love her dad with an agape type of love.

Joan is a Spirit-filled Christian mother of seven beautiful children who loves the Lord. She prayed fervently for her father’s conversion. Then in 1983, she received a Word from the Lord found in Hosea 14:1-9, regarding her faith. “Return unto the Lord your God, for you have fallen because of your inequity…I will heal your backsliding, I will love you freely; for my anger is away from you. I will be as the dew unto Israel (Bob); He shall grow as the lily, and cast forth his roots as Lebanon. His branches shall spread, and his beauty shall be as the olive tree, and his smell as Lebanon. They that dwell under his shadow shall return; they shall revive corn, and grow as the vine; their scent shall be as the wine of Lebanon.”

Joan is one of these beautiful people used by God to bring many to the Lord. She truly is a beacon on a hill. Her children and living husband have all been brought closer to the Lord because of her walk, her witness, her prayers and her love. We are especially thankful for Joan and her prayers. The Bible tells us that “the fervent and effective prayers of a righteous man availeth much. “ Her obedience to God’s call on her life should be a witness to all of us as to the effect and value of our intercession. We love you, Joan, and are eternally grateful for your prayers.

Gene Joins The Ministry Staff

We knew we were to begin a television program in 1989, but at the time we had no idea how it would be possible. We didn’t know anyone in television production in the Denver area nor did we have any idea where or how we might produce such a program. The Lord led our steps as we sought to be obedient to His call. In our search for one who might help us, we were referred to Gene Steiner, who was the Director of the Marilyn Hickey Ministries television and radio outreaches.

From our first conversation with Gene, we both knew this had to have been orchestrated by God. Gee recognized the call on our lives and knew he was to be part of fulfilling that vision. Gene actually was Media Director for Marilyn Hickey Ministries and the General Manager of Channel 47 television that was owned and operated by Happy Church and Marilyn Hickey Ministries in Denver. God confirmed to Gene to help produce Back Together again for us and then to prepare the programs to be broadcast each week on Channel 47.

From that small beginning on one small station, a larger plan developed so that within two years from that date in the fall of 1989, we have seen this program go from one city to over twenty-five cities on powerful TV stations all across America. With God’s help we are expecting Back Together Again to be carried across the airways in most of the major cities in the United States within the next two years.

We were doubly blessed to have Dr. Gene Steiner come on board full-time in late 1991, as Director of Media Services. In addition to producing and directing the television series Back Together Again, Gene also manages The Michael-Scott Agency which places the program in additional television markets across this nation.

We are grateful to God for bringing Gene Steiner into this ministry full time. He had caught the vision God as given us to help bring many families back together again. We give God all the glory for using two fledgling evangelists such as we are, for such a marvelous ministry to see marriages healed, even through the means of television.

Andy’s Trip To Washington

When a family decides to “go for broke” for Jesus, you can expect two things to happen. Persecution will increase, and I God’s timing, blessings will come. We know we can come through the times of persecution and we praise God for that. We also give Him praise for the many blessings He has mercifully afforded our family.

Our eighteen year old son, Andrew, was honored in his senior year of high school to have been selected as a participant in the Congressional Youth Conference held in Washington D.C., November 5-11, 1991. Each year three hundred fifty high school students are selected from the twenty-two million across the nation to spend a week with our nation’s congressional leaders.

Andy was never given any reason for his selection. We know he was chosen three years in a row to be in the Who’s Who of American High School Students. It was quiet a blessing for him to receive such an honor, and we believe we will see notable events in his life what will pint back to the impact this trip had on him. We know the Lord has a very special call on Andy’s life, and we believe there is ministry in God’s plan for him. As of this moment Andy had decided to com full time into TMJ Implants, to be decipled by his father and mother and to learn how to lead a medical device company. He also will be helping us with the ministry as we go out to minister across the country. We all are so blessed.

A Twelve Year Old Is Healed Of Cancer

There is a story which blessed us so much. A few years ago a married woman came to visit us to ask if we could help her restore her marriage. We felt that first of all she needed Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and he allowed us to lead her in prayer to make Him her Lord. Then we gave her knowledge of how to stand in faith on God’s promises for the healing of her marriage. A year and a half went by and we never saw her again nor spoke with her, but we later heard that her twelve year old son was dying of brain cancer.

God put on Bob’s heart that he was to lay hands on the boy and pray for God to totally heal him. Some weeks went by. Then one evening as we came out of church another couple, Glenn and Charla Edwards, wished to join us at a restaurant for coffee. As we entered our booth I recognized the entire family of the young cancer victim, sitting in another booth. Theo mother kept looking over and seemed eager to talk with us. As they were leaving they came over to say hello and that gave Bob the opportunity to address the illness of the young son. Bob asked if they would sit a moment and he began telling them how God had impressed upon him that we were to lay hands on and pray for the boy’s total healing. They agreed. Bob began telling the boy, his mother, father and brothers and sisters how Jesus healed all who came to Him and believed.

Bob knew much of what he was speaking about was directed to raise their knowledge of God’s healing power and to raise their faith in a personal, loving God. Bob felt many of his words were being directed toward the father’s unbelief. He could see the expectation of the healing arise in the son and in the mother. The son was beginning to almost glow with anticipation.

We laid hands on the young boy and began to speak words of God’s healing over him. The four of us knew the young cancer victim was totally healed that evening. The mother’s comment to Bob as we parted was most interesting. Remembering we had not talked to her in eighteen months, she now said to Bob “We knew we were to see you. “ God had made it perfectly clear to Bob and to her that Bob was to pray over her son. The atmosphere in that particular restaurant that evening was charged with the Holy Spirit. We felt we could have led all to Jesus, but His direction to us was to bring healing to a twelve year old cancer victim. We knew much seed of the knowledge of God had been spoken into the father’s life that evening as well.

Over a year went by before we came back t that city. We had spoken of the boy’s healing that year across America wherever we were ministering. We came back to the city and inquired about the boy and learned from family friends the boy just that week had a CT scan and MRI performed and was told there was no evidence of brain cancer! He was totally healed! We praise Almighty God for the wonderful miracle He performed!

The Word of Knowledge Concerning Book Publishing

In January, 1984, God gave me a word of knowledge, letting me know we would be in misttyr together and that other people would submit manuscripts for ministry to publish and make available to others. At the time we were in the midst of our own divorce.

In 1989, as we started the ministry in Lakewood, Colorado, I knew I was to write several short books. The first was titled, Why I Chose To Believe In my Marriage Healing, and the second was titled, Satan, You’re Not Stealing My Marriage. These have already become a blessing to many across this nation. In 1990, we wrote two books. The first book for standers called Standing In Love. Then in the spring of that year we received a manuscript form a man we had never talked with and didn’t know. It was several months before we even go around to reading the manuscript. It was titled Prodigals Do Come Home, by Robert Stienkamp, of Florida. When we read it we knew it was to be contributed to this ministry. Later the author wrote us a letter and stated in the letter that he knew the manuscript was to donated to the Victory Faith Fellowship. We let out shouts of praise to God. We subsequently published that book and another from Robert Stienkamp title, The Twelve Days of…? That book is not only of those standing for marriage healing, but also for those who are lonely, or have lost loved ones. We were very blessed to receive these fine manuscripts by such a gifted author.

In 1991, we also published The Seagull And The Pigeon. This was written as a love letter from Bob to Andy and Mat in the midst of our divorce – around Christmas 1983. Bob wanted his children, who were living with me at the time, to know how much he personally loved them, and he wanted to give them an idea of what God’s plan was for families.

In 1991, we unexpectedly received another manuscript from a lady we didn’t know. She sent us, I’ll Be Waiting For You, which she and her pastor- husband wrote. This book is also very helpful to people believing for the healing of their marriages, especially where the prodigal has gone into a non-covenant marriage. Pastor Larry Thomas had divorced his wife and then married another, only to later divorce her and return to his standing, covenant wife who never lost faith.

We praise God for blessing this ministry with so many valuable manuscripts. God had shown me eight years ago that He was going to use this ministry to publish materials which would be a blessing to the body of Christ, with manuscripts being given to the ministry. We are so pleased to be able to offer you our book, Miracles Along The Way for all of you, our friends.

Our Ordination By Pastor Rick And The Elders

In 1991, our family became affiliated in church membership with the Metro Denver Church On The Rock where Reverend Rick Kingham is the Pastor. We felt God’s call that we should make this our church home. Not only that, but we felt that God wanted our Friday night Covenant Marriages/Victory Faith Fellowship meetings held here as well. Praise God! He confirmed it through Pastor Rick Kingham . It’s such a blessing to meet there every Friday evening. We’re seeing the Holy Spirit minister to so many who are standing for the healing of their own marriages. Some Friday evenings we have even had people drive in from distant states to join with us for the meeting.

We were especially blessed to have Pastor Rick and the Elders lay hands on us and re-ordain us. Though, perhaps, this is no miracle, we count it as one of God’s blessings to us personally and to this ministry.

The Presence of Angels

Most of us never have any witness to the presence of angels in our lives. On two separate occasions we have had others talk about the angels they have seen surrounding us. The Bible tells us the angels are God’s ministers to His saints. They are present to do God’s bidding in each of our lives. On one occasion, not too long after we were remarried, we were asked to give our testimony at a Women’s Alive Luncheon in Eureka, California. We had just finished giving our testimony and were seated to have our lunch when the hostess asked a pastor to pray a blessing over the meal.

He asked if he could make a statement first about what he had been seen. He explained that as we were speaking he saw two large white angels, one on either side of us, so tall their heads went through the ceiling. He said right adjacent to us were two smaller golden angels, one on either side, with a golden glow of love surrounding us. When this dear pastor related what he had seen, we were in tears.

A year or so later, another tall angel was seen with his arms around us and his head and shoulders going through the ceiling. At this time, we were standing, singing praise to God at a marriage ministry meeting in Omaha. The lady that saw that angel had never seen one before.

It is humbling to know God loves each of us so dearly that he dispenses his angels to minister to us and protects His saints.

God’s Protection Over Us On The Highways

We were blessed to be invited to share the vision God has given us of Covenant Marriage healing as guest speakers for the eleventh Anniversary Dinner of Pastor William Rodriguez’s Praise Center Church in January of 1992. The dinner and meeting were held in a hotel near downtown Denver. The evening was beautiful with nearly four hundred of His saints in attendance.

It was late in the evening when the event was concluded. Actually it was around one o’clock in the morning as Lynne and I started driving to our home in Lakewood. We were traveling on Interstate-70 when we noticed care headlights approaching at a high rate of speed on our side of the median of the divided highway going the WRONG WAY!

Fortunately I was not in the passing lane and, as we watched the approaching car seed right by hardly even noticing us, I couldn’t help thinking that only god and His angels were the reason our car and this other vehicle were separated by a lane. We thank God that He was watching over us to prevent a terrible accident on that otherwise glorious evening.

As we put the finishing touches on this book just before it went to press, another similar circumstance occurred, again on Interstte-70. It was 10:45PM, April 3,1992, as Lynne, Matthew, and I were driving home from ministering to standers at our Covenant Marriages Meeting at the Metro Denver Church On The Rock. We had a glorious evening with anointed praise and and worship, a good word and the Lord working wonders in our midst. As we were driving home, a white pick-up truck just in front of us swerved from the inside, fast lane to the outside, slow lane, crashing into the overpass guardrail and fence and miraculously missing our car. Again, Lord, we give You the glory!

It is only by God’s grace that Lynne and I are alive today and serving Him.


There is so much more that could be written. Perhaps these few pages will encourage you to believe in our Heavenly Father who says in Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the thoughts I think toward you, “saith the Lord, ‘thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you and expected end. “

Our God is not some distant, uncaring deity who doesn’t share our concerns. He is a Father more loving than any earthly father could ever be, a Reconciler, a Healer, a Defender, a Leader, our Redeeming Savior, but most of all, or Friend! We could never adequately express the joy of being His – to know that despite all of our earlier sins, God forgave us before we knew Him. He put His Robe of Righteousness on us and did exactly what He said He would do in Jeremiah 32:39: “And I will give them one heart, and one way, that they may fear Me forever, for the good of them, and their children after them. “

He made the two of us friends and then joined us in His great love into a marriage that was truly made in heaven. He gave us godly children and gave us godly positions of leadership over a company and a ministry so that we might join with Him to touch a hurting world. His plan for your life is just as exciting and fulfilling. All He asks is, “Will you lay down your life for Mine?” Like the apostle Paul, we have had to die to ourselves so we could live for Him.

There is no way we would ever consider going back to our way. We have been greatly blessed by God; we know also that He has great blessing for you and your family. Don’t let the enemy deceive you into thinking you aren’t special to God. No matter how far you might have fallen, He is there to love you and receive you as you desire to become closer to Him. If your problem has been separation and divorce, we want to meet Jesus- the only One who can restore painlessly and perfectly.

If your problem is sickness, meet Jesus, our Healer. There is nothing impossible with God! The Bible tells us that “He sent His Word and healed them all. “ The Word also tells us, “And with His stripes we were healed we were healed.”

Perhaps part of your problem is poverty. The Word in Philippians says, “But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Most people never seek His blessings because they don’t realize who they are in Him or what a mighty God they serve! In the Gospel of John, Jesus says, “I came to give you an abundant life!” (paraphrased) Maybe you need to meet Jesus, the Provider. Whatever your need, - HE IS ABLE!

We are grateful to God for the call He place on our lives. Somewhat like John The Baptist, we have been called to “cry out in the wilderness” that God wants your marriage healed! He wants you living in health and living in prosperity. His plan for your life, your marriage, and your family has not changed. He loves you, and so do we. We know God desires to forever bless you and yours.

Post Script

I believe our most important reason for writing this book has been to give you, the reader, a little more knowledge of Jesus, His Father, and His Spirit.

If it weren’t for Jesus redeeming Savior and Reconciler, our lives would never have changed, and our marriage would (in all likelihood) still be on the rocks. Because of the changes He has made in our lives, our goals have changed.

God, by the Holy Spirit, has put in our hearts a desire to lead others to Him. There is no other goal in our lives that is as important. Everything else pales in comparison to Jesus.

Should you not know whether or not you would be with God in heaven, if you were to die this evening, then you need to say the prayer below:

Dear God,

I know I have lived my life “my way.” I have let pride keep me from seeking You and asking You to become my Lord and Savior.

I come before you now and sincerely and humbly ask you to forgive me of my sins. I want my life to change and be different. Your Word in the Bible, says in Romans 10:9 that “if I confess with my mouth the Lord Jesus, and if I believe in my heart that God has raised Him from the dead, then I shall be saved.” Jesus, right now, I ask You to be my Lord and Savior. I do believe You were raised from the dead, and that You now sit at the right hand of the Father. Jesus, I receive You as my Lord and thank You that I am now a born again Christian!

Now, go tell someone else, preferably a believer, that you have asked Jesus Christ to be Lord of your life.

We, too, would love to hear of your conversion. Please call our prayer center at 303-277-1164, if it is convenient for you. We would love to rejoice with you over your new life in Christ.

God also wants you to fellowship with others who believe. Ask the Father, in prayer, whre He would like you to attend Church. It is important that you thank God, praise Him, and worship him with other believers. God also desires that you receive instruction, counsel, and encouragement from a pastor and other Christians. You’ll also want to share your new found love for God with others.

Read your Bible daily, and ask the Father to reveal Himself through His Word to you. Your new spirit requires feeding from the Bible, otherwise it will not mature. God desires you to grow in revelation knowledge of Him. It’s true that there is a price to pay, but the rewards are magnificent and eternal. We pray that you have enjoyed this book as much as we have enjoyed writing it. Every penny received from this book and this ministry is used to lift up and exalt the Name of Jesus and to see marriages restored. You, too, can help by sending copies of this book to others in need; and, as the Holy Spirit directs, contribute prayer and finances into Victory Faith Fellowship so His Word may be carried to a hurting world.

Remember, it is God who performs the miracles. We give all the glory to Him! God bless you all.

The Objectives Of Victory Faith Fellowship

Victory Faith Fellowship is a non-denominational church which has received a vision from the Lord that all marriages can be restored and healed by God’s power. Covenant Marriages is an outreach ministry of Victory Faith Fellowship of Lakewood, Colorado. The objectives of the ministry are:

  1. To lead people to Jesus Christ.
  2. To assist churches and pastors as they form support groups for those who are standing in faith for the restoration and healing of their marriages.
  3. To develop and disseminate instructional and motivational materials to be used by those standing for their marriages.
  4. To pray the prayer of agreement, and fight spiritual warfare with those who are standing for the healing of their marriages.
  5. To witness God’s plan for marriage to the church and to the world.
  6. To develop an action arm to witness Jesus and marriage healing at court-houses, to judges, and attorneys.
  7. To encourage pastors to use a Covenant Agreement of marriage, for all marriages witnessed by them, which will allow for resolution of all marital discord only through the church and not through any civil authority.
  8. To see every marriage healed.

The Crisis Prayer Center

The Crisis Prayer Center is staffed by prayer ministers who share the vision of Victory Faith Fellowship and Covenant marriages Ministry. If you desire prayer, or if someone you know is separated or divorced and you are standing in faith for their marriage healing, these prayer ministers are ready and available to minister to your needs during the week. Call for prayer agreement at the following number:


A brochure and our newsletter The Covenant Marriages Report are available free of charge to all who call or write this ministry.

We also would encourage you to request a free listing of the instructional materials, books, audiotapes, and video tapes that are available to help you or your local support group stand strong in the Lord. We would be more than happy to send one to you. Call or write today.

Victory Faith Fellowship

P.O. Box 28A Station 16

Lakewood, CO 80228



As we look back over these past ten years, we see many of God’s principles showing forth in our lives. As we have mentioned earlier, nearly ten years ago adversity peaked in our marriage and in our family with separation and divorce occurring. For many, this would be a time of not only despair but an unwillingness to go forth. But he Lord made it clear in Bob’s life that he was to seek God first and then watch for a turn-around in the circumstances. The Bible says, “that sorrow may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning. “ The Bible also says that what the enemy planned for destruction, God can receive glory as we are being faithful to his purpose. We truly want to encourage you as you move along your path of life to recognize that God’s plan for you is much bigger that the circumstances you find yourselves in at any given moment. The important thing is to recognize that God’s plan in your life “is not for evil but of good, to give you and expected end,” so that your life will be lived seeking His purpose and not just your won pleasure.

As our lives have been given to the Lord, He has used to minister to others. In II Corinthians 1:4, the Bible tells us that “Who comforts us in all our tribulations that we may be able to comfort them which are in any tribulation by the comfort where with we ourselves are comforted of God.” Had we not made the decision to start living our lives His ministry of reconciliation in which He has put us. We believe that how you handle those times of adversity will influence God’s desire to accomplish miracles through your life.

God wants us to “daily die to ourselves, pick up the cross and follow Him.” As we lay down our desires and pursue His will in all lives, we will find that, “nothing is impossible with God.” He can take a moment of adversity and turn it into a life full of joy that can be used to fulfill His purpose in His kingdom.

No plan which you could devise for your life could ever match what God wishers to accomplish in your life when you submit it to Him. It may be at this time that you and your spouse are separated or divorced, or perhaps you are going through a time of financial turmoil, or that your children are in rebellion. Whatever the difficulty or whatever the turmoil, we encourage you to trust in God. This is a lesson that we have had to learn the hard way, but we are so thankful for the grace and mercy of God. He has chosen us to be reconcilers in the very area that we had failed.

Let us encourage you to lay down your life and seek His special message to you, and then run with patience the race that is set before you, “looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of your faith.” Hebrews 12:1-2

If we look to the Bible, we see many instances in which evil was intended for someone’s life but in which that person continued to live in faith, giving glory to God, and He bought the victory. A good example id found in the life of Joseph who had been cast into a well, sold into slavery, and lived for a time in prison because of harmful acts of his brothers and accusation of his master’s wife. Here is a good example of what the enemy had planned for destruction God used for His glory. If you’ll read Genesis 50:20, you’ll see the words of Joseph to his brothers many years later which stated, “You meant to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done…the saving of many lives.”

At the heart of what God his doing in our live is that He is making us to be His ministers and His servants. He is continually preparing us. In II Corinthians 5:18, He says, “All this is from God who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us (Bob and Lynne) the ministry of reconciliation…and He has committed to us the message reconciliation. We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors.”

We pray as you have read through the miracles we’ve experienced, you’ll gain hope to stand in faith through the circumstances and trials in your life, and will run the race with the patience and the love that is needed to see God’s victory and purpose fulfilled through your life.

His plan is much greater than you can imagine and we are believing that some of the words spoken in this book will increase your faith in the Lord Jesus to the point that you know that you ”can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. “

Other Books Available Through Victory Faith Fellowship

Standing In Love

Why I Chose To Believe In My Marriage Healing

Satan, You’re Not Stealing My Marriage

Prodigal Do Come Home

The Twelve Days Of…

I’ll Be Waiting For You

The Sea Gull and The Pigeon

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto death.” (Rev. 12:11)