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Stopping Innovation Stops America

Dr. Bob’s Crusade for Truth, Justice and the American Way

Dr. Bob’s Work

"Thank you for your knowledge and insight contained in your book, "FDA, You Were Wrong" regarding the cumbersome bureaucracy faced by the innovation and research community.

I often wonder where our TMJ surgical practice would be without the Christensen metal Fossa-eminence Prosthesis, which helps patients with the greatest disability and pain."

E. E. Keller, D.D.S., M.S.D.
Mayo Clinic

Here at Dr. Bobs Crusade, Dr. Bob Christensen reveals some major FDA problems and the truth about the FDA, where he discusses his battles with the FDA recall of his temporomandibular joint treatment (TMJ treatment).  Having the truth revealed means FDA accountability — something that hasn’t yet taken place.

In terms of justice, Dr. Christensen is crusading for FDA reform with respect to the medical device approval process, one that is currently fraught with greed, corruption, and malice as seen in the details of his experience with the FDA and the FDA panels.  While there are many good things the FDA does for America’s welfare, there are still many things that are broken and need repair.

Finally, in terms of the American Way, it’s important to remember that our founding fathers created America on the principle of individual freedom where the individual is free to dream, to create, and to build.  Sadly, many federal agencies like the FDA are taking that freedom away — the freedom to innovate — with often oppressive and punitive regulations that punish instead of rewarding the entrepreneur.

Dr. Bob Christensen has written three TMJ books to share his dramatic and shocking story that give you an in-depth look at the difficulties of the FDA approval process for medical devices. Each one of his books about innovation tells the same story, Stopping Innovation Stops America, but each book is tailored to the needs of a specific audience. Here is the You Tube link:

To hear his most recent interview with a radio station in Ontario, Canada, follow this link:

Sen. Rand Paul’s New Book, Government Bullies, Attacks Over-Regulation

On Sep. 10, 2012, Sen. Rand Paul appeared on CBS News to promote his new book, Government Bullies, which specifically addresses many of the regulatory issues highlighted by Dr. Bob in his book:

Here is a quote from Sen. Paul’s book, pg. 250, which pretty much sums up our situation with the FDA and other federal agencies:

“There are two major problems with the FDA and the USDA today.  The first is their inflated and arrogant sense of jurisdiction — what they think they should be able to control. Secondly, these agencies have SWAT teams and undercover agents capable of conducting nighttime raids on private property owners, often to flex their bureaucratic muscles and exercise their control.”

Former FDA Attorney, Larry R. Pilot, SupportsDr. Christensen
One of the original writers of the Medical Device Amendment of 1976, Larry Pilot, Esq., says this about Dr. Bob’s Crusade:
“Your experience with the FDA/CDRH was unfortunate, unnecessary, and a supportable criticism of all those involved, some of whom remain well paid employees of the FDA.”
Leading Scientist, Charles A. Homsy, Backs Dr. Christensen

“Dr. Christensen has presented a horrendous report on the misapplication of its regulatory authority and worse. The public needs to heed his clarion call for corrective pressure by Congressional oversight of the FDA.”

                                          Charles A. Homsy,  Sc.D.

Let Dr. Bob’s Crusade Help You Realize the Truth About the FDA

FDA, You Were Wrong,

for Medical Professionals

David vs. Goliath Round 2,

for Everyday Consumers

Innovation: The Missing Link,

for Innovative Minds

Dr. Christensen’s gripping story of intrigue and deception being practiced by individuals within the United States Food and Drug Administration, stifling true innovation and preventing thousands of patients from getting excellent surgical care in a timely fashion. Learning about the problems with the FDA and their innovation limitations, one starts to recognize their contribution to the causes of unemployment in America.

Dr. Bob’s Crusade

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