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Covenant Marriages Ministry

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The Seagull & the Pigeon

A children’s story about how a pigeon was welcomed into the family of seagulls. It was written to Bob Christensen’ two young boys at a time when he was separated from them at Christmas time. It is a story of the love of an earthly father for his children, somewhat pointing to the love of our heavenly Father for all of his children.

Standing In Love 

A  powerful book of God’s truths given to Dr. Bob to stand on for the restoration of his marriage to Lynne. After their restoration from two separate divorces to each other, Bob is relating how God directed him to stand firmly for the restoration of their marriage and family.

Satan, You're Not Stealing My Marriage 

Written by Dr. Bob to his wife, Lynne, and their two boys during a time of separation and divorce. God showed Bob he did not need let the devil steal his covenant of marriage, because the devil has no power we don’t give to him.

Why I Chose to Believe in My Marriage Healing 

Dr. Bob’s courageous stand for the healing of his marriage and the restoration of his family. It takes faith, courage and perseverance  of a Christian to stand for a marriage where it appears there is no hope., and especially if a no-fault divorce has been granted by a secular judge

Miracles Along the Way 

Dr. Bob was seeing so many miraculous things occurring as he walked in love for the restoration of his marriage to Lynne. When their marriage was restored and they were remarried in Jack Hayford’s Church on the Way, with Gavin MacLeod of Love Boat fame being their best man, Bob knew he was to record many of the miracles and miracle-like occurrences which had occurred

When You Say I Do...God Says I Will

This is the signature book of Covenant Marriages Ministry. Copies were sent to every member of the U.S. Congress that year plus to Presidents H.W. Bush, William Clinton and George W. Bush. It is a book of God-given truths which will help all couples maintain strength in their marriage or restore a broken marriage. It has been helpful to thousand over the years.

Turning Earthly Profits into Eternal Rewards

Dr. Christensen and Pastor Ware. This book tells the call of God on each life and how when following that very call, God is able to bless you and to enlarge His kingdom through your obedience and efforts.

Run to Win 

In this book, author Christensen gives a story about his own life-path toward being an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, teacher, innovator of medical devices, company president and minister of the Gospel of Christ. He relates one’s daily living to the teachings of our Lord as found in the Holy Bible. 

Unleashing the Power of Covenant 

This book written by Dr. Bob and Lynne Christensen is a powerful book describing in great detail the covenant we have with the Father through the blood of Jesus and his atonement, plus the powerful covenant of marriage that each born again Christian can enjoy and rely upon.

On my Heart

This is a story relating much of the author’s years of growing up through the Great Depression, WWII, the Korean War, and his years after that as he was an oral and maxillofacial surgeon attempting to meet the needs of his patients by, at times, innovating new surgical techniques and implants. It goes on to describe the challenges of bringing these devices to the hurting public by founding a new medical device company. This book was written to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The Breaking Point

This book describes some of the times of great attacks, personal failure and outright persecution because of his Christian faith. It makes one realize that many attacks will occur because of their Christian walk, just as Paul saw in his life.

Lord, Increase Our Faith

In this book, Dr. Bob asks the question, “Do we really have faith? Is it faith for God’s purposes in our lives”. He relates the faith of many of God’s saints as are depicted in the Bible. He relates it to the moments in his life when a great deal of faith has been required. 

Hope In the Midst of Changing Circumstances 

In this book, author Bob Christensen talks about maintaining your hope when things seem to all be going against you. Dr. Bob points to a number of God’s people who had to keep hope when there seemed nothing to begin to hope for, their hope was always in the Lord. He It will spur your hope as you go through those desert experiences.

The Greatest of these is Love 

In this book the author speaks of the God-given love which always triumphs over the works  of the devil. At times when it would seem it would be impossible to walk in love, God is able to present His love through the born again believer. When that is allowed to happen, watch what God can accomplish.

Faith, Hope and Love 

This book by Dr. Christensen is a Trilogy of his earlier books on those same three topics.

A Heart for God

A Heart of God talks about a person’s changing relationship to God. It talks about God’s hand in Bob’s life and how God also molded other lives in the bible.

The Calling of God on Your Life

This is a story dedicated to one of Dr. Christensen’s grand and great-grandchildren. It talks about the qualities which the Lord wishes to bring forth in all who are called according to His purpose.

FDA, You Were Wrong!

This is an expose’ of the United States Food and Drug Administration by Dr. Christensen in their handling of the approval process for the temporomandibular joint implants he had innovated some 38 years before. It depicts a person like David confronting the Goliath of the U.S. Government. It takes courage and truth to even suggest confronting the government.

available soon online

Fighting The Battle For Others 

We are frequently called to take up the responsibility of helping our family, our fellow Christians not to mention our friends and others where our help is needed. But do we?

David vs. Goliath Round 2

This story will culminate some sixty years later in my battle with the modern day Goliath, the FDA, and how a modern day David came face-to-face with Goliath and came away victorious --- again (as history repeats itself).

Innovation: The Missing Link

If America is going to improve the job situation and the unemployment rate here in our country, we will have to change the direction we have been going over the past 50 years.

Just Remembering 

A young Christian woman and friend of mine, Lenaya Casados, has encouraged me to write this book which is about some of the interesting or funny things which have happened as I have traveled down the road of my life as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon

For the First Time in My Life 

As I began to even think on this subject and how the world seemed to be twirling around us all, I began to think not only of my ten children and then their children, and their children’s children, but also of children all over the world. I suppose from time immemorial, each generation has built into them the desire to leave the world a better place for those who come after. I know that has certainly been my heart.

It seems obvious to even the casual observer, that something is happening in our once beloved America, that the future will not be as bright and rosy as we have always thought and for which we had believed and prayed for. I believe that for those who follow in our footsteps, the world and our Nation is on a slippery slope. I'm not saying all is bad, or there is no hope. What I am saying is that some positive changes and choices must be made.

It is my hope that this short and briefly told story of the times which I have lived, will cause other eyes to open and reflect on "How do we gain our moral position and the integrity which we once saw in America?" It is my belief it will never happen unless we turn our eyes back on our God. You may believe differently, but I'm not a gambling man, just an old surgeon, but I would stake my life on the course and action I feel we have to make. It's all found in His Holy Bible.

ONLY available to read online

The Enemy Camp 

"This is a book which makes the Christian reader consider whether he or she is truly living up to the words and admonition of Jesus found in Matthew 5:43-45. In that scripture, Jesus is admonishing his followers to not only love their neighbor but to show your love to those who may be in the enemy camp.
In this book, The Enemy Camp, the authors address these points in seven different chapters in which Dr. Christensen describes his own challenges in showing that godly love for those who definitely attempted to come against him or harm him in one way or another. This is certainly a book that has made the three individuals involved in putting the story together as a book, think about whether their own lives were being lived in accordance with Jesus' teaching."