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Covenant Marriages Ministry

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Divorce is not the answer...Jesus is!
Believe in the power of God to restore and heal your marriage!

The stories told in the various books tell the true life story of Bob and Lynne Christensen’s life experiences.

In the midst of their divorce, Bob was born-again and was instructed by God to pray for healing of their marriage and to pray Lynne into His kingdom. He then was to pray for reconciliation of their marriage and then to be an encourager to others whose marriages were faltering to stand strongly for their marriages. Over the years they have written many books which tell of their journey and victory in Jesus. They have also ministered over the years to many individuals and couples across America and in other parts of the world.

You will enjoy the many stories which will unfold in their lives and will be encouraged to draw closer to God so that your marriage can be healed and strengthened, remember, nothing happens in a moment, but over time great victories are won.

About our Ministry

Founder's Message

“Never stop believing in the power of God to restore and heal your marriage. I have seen many miracles along the way that fill my heart with joy to this day! We are here to believe with you as you stand in faith, knowing that God has a perfect plan for you! We have learned that God honors his people through a heart of covenant.„ - Pastor Bob Christensen

Lynne & Bob Christensen Married in His name!

In 1983, Bob Christensen was called by God to be the Founder and Pastor of Covenant Marriages Ministry. God let him know that He wanted His people to stand for the healing of their marriages.

Today, Covenant Marriages Ministry is able to spread His message of strong marriages based upon God's covenant relationship power. Today is the day to believe God for an even stronger marriage relationship.